Recall – Over Half A Million Mazda And Volkswagen Vehicles Affected

A safety recall just issued affects the owners of over 613,000 Volkswagens and Mazdas. The safety recall isn’t something that should be ignored as it deals with deficiencies in both steering and the failure of airbags.

Federal regulators prompted the Volkswagen and Mazda recalls when they initiated investigations earlier this year about the safety of the airbags and steering mechanisms within the vehicles based on documents that were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Of the two car companies affected by the recalls, Volkswagen will be recalling more vehicles with 420,000. The majority of the issues with the Volkswagen models concern the airbags on the driver’s side, which may fail to deploy properly if the vehicle were to crash. According to the NHTSA, (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) debris could possibly rip through cables that power the airbag and prevent it from opening. The NHTSA says that nine individuals have sent complaints to Volkswagen about the issue, though no injuries or accidents have been reported.

The Volkswagen vehicles affected by the recall are the 2010 to 2013 Eos and Jetta, the 2010 to 2014 Tiguan and Passat, the 2010 to 2014 CC, and the 2011 to 2014 GTI.

The Mazda vehicles affected by the recalls number just under 200,000. The recalled models are the 2007 to 2014 CX-9 family vans. However, the recall of these vehicles will only be applicable in some states due to rust reactions on the front suspensions. A deficiency in these areas of the Mazda’s could result in steering loss.

Mazda and Volkswagen both say that they are unaware of any accidents, crashes or injuries that have been caused by any of the problems that spawned the recall. Both companies say that they are initiating the recall proactively to protect their customers from any potential harm.

Though more than half a million cars being recalled might seem like a lot, this Mazda and Volkswagen recall doesn’t hold a candle to the Ford recall of 1980. Back then, a fault in the transmission system caused over 6,000 accidents, forcing the Detroit automaker to recall over 20 million cars. The issue with the transmission that sparked the recall was a glitch in a safety catch that allowed the Fords to jump from park into reverse without warning. Over 1,700 injuries and 98 deaths were attributed to the faulty transmission. When all was said and done, Ford ended up spending 1.7 billion dollars between the recall, the repairs to the vehicles and the court settlements to injured and the families of the dead.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]