Jimmy Fallon Teased For Being ‘Fat’ By Kristen Stewart [Video]

Jimmy Fallon hosted an incredibly nervous (but equally hilarious) Kristen Stewart on August 11, 2015, on The Tonight Show. Stewart was roped into playing a game of “Word Blurt” with Fallon, where she proceeded to blurt out her “true” thoughts on Fallon’s weight.

The “Word Blurt” game is simple in concept: cards were piled into a deck in the middle of Kristen Stewart and Jimmy Fallon, and each card had a random word on it. After seeing the word, both of them had to quickly say whatever thing came to their mind.

Us Magazine noted Jimmy Fallon’s attempt to become “besties” with Stewart.

“Fallon tried to encourage the 25-year-old actress to play by telling her that if her blurted responses were the same as his, it would prove they were destined to be best friends.”

This game was clearly a recipe for hilarity, but Kristen found herself very intimidated by the randomness of it. She admitted she wasn’t good at improv, and that even being able to say a word when prompted was often difficult for her. Being a good sport, however, she pressed on.

It wasn’t long, however, until Kristen was able to pick up the comedy of the situation. When the word “marshmallow” appeared on a card, she shrugged and said, “Belly?” The response from the audience was pure laughter, and even Jimmy was caught by surprise. The Daily Mail noted how Kristen and Jimmy Fallon rolled with the randomness of her response.

“Communications experts say you should always think before you speak. But Twilight actress Kristen Stewart forgot to follow that advice when she made fun of Jimmy Fallon’s girth during a game of Word Blurt on The Tonight Show on Tuesday. First she blamed the fact she linked ‘belly’ to the word ‘marshmallow’ because she was just saying, ‘you know, what’s in front of you. State the obvious.'”

Jimmy went right along with the joke, clutching his stomach in mock fear. This prompted Kristen to finally blurt out how “fat” Jimmy was, in what could only be described as a “Valley Girl” voice. Eventually the two moved on, leaving little to nothing of Jimmy’s pride.

While Stewart was barely able to hold herself together, her nerves keeping her from really letting loose, she and Jimmy Fallon still kicked the humor into high gear. Kristen may never fully live down her “marshmallow belly” insinuation, as both the audience (and Jimmy) will surely remember this one for a long time to come.

[Photo: Theo Wargo/NBC, Mike Coppola/NBC / Getty Images]