'Diamond' And 'Silk,' The We Be Sisters, Stump For Trump In Viral Videos

Robert Jonathan

Two African-American sisters are perhaps Donald Trump's biggest social media fans as the brash businessman and first-time candidate campaigns for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Operating the WeBeSisters website, Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson "stump for Trump" in a series of feisty, irreverent YouTube video rants, which at times are NSFW for language.

"WeBeSisters is the creation of biological sisters Diamond and Silk. We are Democrats who want to see America be great again and that's why we be on the stump for Trump," their website declares, adding that they are definitely not on the Trump payroll.

A "mad as hell" video blasting Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for, in their view, trying to destroy Donald Trump's presidential campaign by accusing him of misogyny during the GOP debate has received more than one million YouTube hits so far. Kelly should instead report news for Sesame Street, they quipped in the video uploaded the day after the August 6 Republican candidate forum that was seen by a record-setting 24 million cable viewers.

"Leave Donald Trump the hell alone; if you've got something to say, run it by us first," the sisters demanded of Megyn Kelly.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Megyn Kelly will moderate the next Fox News GOP debate that is scheduled for January 2016, however.

In an enthusiastic interview with Yahoo! News, Diamond and Silk mentioned that the real estate mogul and reality show star's message of bringing jobs back to America, including to the black community, prompted them to jump on the Trump bandwagon.

That current front-runner Trump is a Republican and they are Democrats is irrelevant, the sisters added, because Trump -- unlike the other "chumps" -- can get the job done, which includes following up on his promise to secure the southern border with a wall.

"He resonated with us, he speaks for us, we're African American, we stand with the silent majority, so everything he says, he's saying it for us," the stump for Trump duo told the Yahoo! News interviewer.

With reference to the "on your knees" banter between Trump and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Brande Roderick that was brought up in the GOP debate, The American Spectator offered this analysis.

"The Stump for Trump girls got that it was a joke, but they were not amused at Kelly wasting valuable debate time on inanities. These are two African American ladies whose website boasts a delightful series of short videos where the sisters analyze issues facing Americans today, including the abysmal employment situation facing African Americans under Obama's leadership. In their opinion, there are lots of urgent issues—including unemployment—that have much more salience than the one Kelly brought up. Based on all that they'd heard Trump say in the past, they thought that he was the best man to deal with the issues that affect the lives of every-day Americans."