Tom Riddle Is All Grown Up Now, And He’s Looking Decidedly Not Evil

Tom Riddle is perhaps one of the most evil adolescents of our generation. And the boy who played him in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince impressed upon our minds a cinematic incarnation of the character that was haunting, yet stayed true to the details in the J.K. Rowling book. That young boy is all grown up now, and he looks a lot more dashing than you might think.

Meet Frank Dillane, the one who was handpicked by Warner Brothers to become the face of the most insidious teenager we have known in a long time. As Tom Riddle, the sweet-looking Frank captured the imagination of many Harry Potter fans with his portrayal of a younger Voldemort, but was swiftly usurped by his more popular co-stars in the years to follow. In all that time, however, Frank worked hard on his acting and fitness, and now the 24-year-old is ready to dazzle everyone again.

According to Metro, the boy who played Tom Riddle is all set to feature in AMC’s upcoming Fear the Walking Dead, a spin-off of the hugely popular television series The Walking Dead. He plays Nick Clark, a character who wakes up one morning after taking drugs to find himself in a derelict church overrun by zombies. Not the best start to a day, we would imagine!

And if that wasn’t enough, Frank also has a starring role in Ron Howard’s whaling drama In the Heart of the Sea, alongside veterans such as Ben Whishaw, Chris Hemsworth, and Cillian Murphy, according to Cosmopolitan. Now that seems like a pretty impressive return to an acting career after his eight-year sabbatical. We just hope our Tom Riddle does not have some evil plans up his sleeve!

Of all the characters who played Voldemort (other than Ralph Fiennes) in the Harry Potter films, Frank as the young Tom Riddle probably looked the most intense and brooding, and if he can add to his already flattering looks with his acting, we daresay that Frank Dillane is set for a glittering career ahead.

So what do you think about the now grown up Tom Riddle? Do you think Frank will ever be as famous as his Harry Potter co-stars? At the very least, it appears as though Frank’s short stint as the young Tom Riddle / Voldemort helped him to launch his acting career in a big way.

[Photo: Warner Bros., Wikimedia Commons]