Ed Sheeran Gets A Massive Lion Tattooed On His Chest

Ed Sheeran is a man who likes at least two other things other than music — body art and animals.

The English pop star, who has seldom shied away from showing off his tattoos in public, has now got a massive lion inked across his chest. The latest addition to Ed Sheeran’s already impressive collection of body art, like the man himself, serves more purposes than one — not only does it make him a dangerous beast (maybe Ed Sheeran was too bored of the bleating goat!), it also commemorates his three sold-out performances at Wembley last month. After all, Wembley is the home of the English Football Team, whose crest is represented by a lion.

In an interview with BBC, Ed Sheeran admitted that initially he meant to get a tattoo of something very different.

“Originally I was going to get the floor plan tattooed on my side, but that seemed a bit ridiculous.”

We’ll have to agree with you there, Ed.

Ed Sheeran uploaded a snapshot of his chest with a humongous lion tattooed onto it on Instagram yesterday, with the caption, “halfway and ouch.”

Perhaps the lion’s mane will cover his entire chest by the end of it! Ed Sheeran’s latest tattoo was inked by none other than the celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who has previously created tattoos for the likes of Harry Styles and N–Dubz rapper Dappy, according to the Daily Mail. The singer later showed his appreciation for Paul on twitter.

The tattoo artist replied gracefully, adding he could not wait to lay his hands again on Ed Sheeran.

As it turns out, Ed Sheeran isn’t always on the receiving end of the needle. Recently, Ed tattooed all the members of the boy band Rixton after they successfully opened for him on his U.S. tour.

The lion joins the plethora of body art Ed Sheeran already has on his arms and back, including the little “Red” he got tattooed on his left arm after collaborating with close pal Taylor Swift on her album of the same name.

With the rate Ed is going at, it won’t be long before his entire body is covered in ink.

What are your thoughts? Does Ed Sheeran know when to stop, or will be look better covered in even more ink?

[Photo: Ed Sheeran Official Instagram, Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images]