Jimmy Fallon Jabs At Trump’s Remarks On Megyn Kelly [Video]

Jimmy Fallon pulled no punches on August 10, 2015, when he flagrantly impersonated Donald Trump’s unapologetic nature towards Megyn Kelly.

Trump was reported as having said that Kelly was vicious and was intentionally targeting him during the recent GOP debate, and that she must have had “blood coming out of her wherever.” Jimmy Fallon saw the perfect opportunity to mock Trump’s pointed sexism with his new skit.

“Trump” entered a stage set to look very much like the real Trump’s actual setup – a sign reading “Trump – Make America Great Again!” was flanked by four bold American flags. Jimmy Fallon’s Trump character was a faithful representation of the man: his skin flaunted that orange-tan color, his hair a faded orange, and his voice flecked with gravel and a drawl that only Trump could be proud of. Best of all, Jimmy assumed an over-the-top pout that had the audience wondering if this was, indeed, the real Trump.

Donald, i.e. Jimmy Fallon, led in with a churlish attitude that most would expect – instead of starting with a “Thank you,” as audiences are used to presidential candidates doing, Jimmy’s Trump instead began with a pointed, “You’re welcome.”

Entertainment Weekly loved this unapologetic mockery of Donald, knowing that Trump couldn’t have explained his comments towards Kelly any clearer than Jimmy’s “Trump” did.

“Complete with puns, innuendos, and ego, the sketch allowed Fallon’s Trump to clarify his controversial comments about Kelly: ‘When I said blood was coming out of her wherever I obviously meant nose and ears. If you think I was talking about something else you’re a deviant. I was not referring to hormones or menstruation. Period,’ Fallon as Trump said.”

According to “Trump,” the media often twists his words to mean things that he didn’t intend. “Trump” assured the audience that the only people who would see a sexual connotation in his references were simply “deviants.” Jimmy Fallon’s Trump went on to give a list of things he had said that had been “twisted” by deviants.

“Like last week, when I said that my wife had the best melons in the world. Of course, I meant her honeydew melons… which, by the way, can’t be beat. Only a deviant would think I was talking about her boobs… which, by the way, are classy and fantastic.”

The Week noted that, while the comments Trump made towards Megyn Kelly were real, most (if not all) of the other comments Jimmy mentioned were fictitious in nature.

“But that’s just the set-up to a whole bunch of double entendres that ‘Trump’ is shocked you ‘deviants’ might misunderstand, like his (fictional) call for a foursome with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj.”

Fallon has played Trump several times before, his recent performance including Trump asking President Obama for advice on the coming GOP debate.

Jimmy Fallon made his opinion on Donald Trump fairly clear in his recent skits – though not all viewers may agree with these opinions, we all admit that Jimmy knows how to do Trump’s pout incredibly well.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Bill Pugliano / Getty Images]