WWE News: Vince McMahon Angry With WWE Superstar Adam Rose Over Leo Kruger Tweets

WWE Superstar Adam Rose may finally get something to work with on the main roster soon, as he is set to tag with Brad Maddox, another name we’ve seen little of for some time now. However, before all of this started, there was a tweet that started a huge online discussion. Adam Rose started to ask people about the Leo Kruger character, which then turned into a hashtag saying #WeWantKrugerBack. This led to many assuming WWE would bring back the beloved NXT character.

According to Daily Wrestling News, it appears that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was quite angry about all of this, and it could end up costing Rose some potential plans that WWE had in the works for him. However, most assume that WWE had nothing for him anyway. Rose has seemingly wanted the character of Leo Kruger to come back for some time now.

The sad part is that it does not seem like WWE wants it to happen. Of course, WWE could have had an idea about it and Rose ended up ruining the plans when he went online to ask people about the character’s return. The Twitter response was amazing, and if Vince is angry, it obviously got some attention within WWE.

The tweets suddenly halted, and we saw Adam Rose with a new gimmick under the same name. It appears this probably happened when Vince McMahon caught wind of the Kruger response. Most assume that he told Rose to stop with the tweets, and this led to WWE giving him something to work with that was at least different from the Russell Brand/party boy type of character.

The gimmick seems to be Val Venis-like, as both Maddox and Rose have towels on and seem to be in sort of a Billy and Chuck type of relationship. There was a rumor recently that WWE wanted to bring in an ambiguously gay tag team. That became even more apparent when the “Beef Mode” tag team came to the fold with Brad Maddox and Adam Rose. It would be interesting to see how WWE would do this under the PG banner.

Regardless of what they do with Adam Rose, if he is on television weekly, then it will be a win for him. Rose has barely been used in 2015, and when he was used, it was nothing to really remember. In the WWE, it is all about standing out. When you do not do this, there is a problem. Hopefully he can do that soon.

[IMG Credit: pl.wwe.com]