Louis Tomlinson’s Ex Missed By 1D Girlfriend

Did Louis Tomlinson make the wrong decision by breaking up with Eleanor Calder? While the jury may be out on that one, there are people close to Louis Tomlinson that truly miss Eleanor — and they aren’t afraid to tell the world.

Louis Tomlinson certainly broke a lot of hearts over the second week of August, when rumors were announced that he might might marry his baby’s mother. Despite the fact that those rumors were dispelled, many Louis Tomlinson fans were upset because they still hope that Louis and his ex-girlfriend might reunite.

In fact, there have been multiple reports from insiders that claim the fact that Louis Tomlinson is having a baby might bring him and Eleanor back together.

On the other hand, there have been reports as late as July 29 from other insiders that claim “there are very real feelings there” between Louis Tomlinson and his baby’s mother, Briana Jungwirth.

In the harsh media world that is full of these types of rumors, it seems that the One Direction ex-girlfriends are always sticking together — but now one of the current girlfriends is letting the world know that she misses Louis Tomlinson’s ex.

Over 2015, there have been plenty of instances of One Direction ex-girlfriends speaking up for one another — and this means Louis Tomlinson should not be surprised that a 1D girlfriend is chiming in about Eleanor.

For instance, when Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards broke up, Zayn’s ex, Geneva Lane, was quoted by UnReality TV on August 5 as stating the following.

“Lol… Saw that coming. Dunno how she didn’t realise sooner what massive c*** he is. She deserves so much better than to be treated how she has for so long. So many lies and so much deceit. So wrong. She will come out strong.”

In another example of One Direction exes sticking together, Hollywood Life stated on August 8 that Louis Tomlinson’s ex, Eleanor, has been supportive to Perrie Edwards about Zayn Malik, according to an insider source.

It is alleged that Louis Tomlinson’s ex has been “giving Perrie advice on how to best handle the situation with Zayn… And how to be in a place of power — don’t contact him no matter what, delete his pics so you’re not reminded of him, and unfollow him on social media so he knows you don’t need him.”

While Eleanor seems to be reflecting on her own breakup with Louis Tomlinson in order to advise the latest One Direction ex-girlfriend, it seems that a current 1D girlfriend doesn’t hate her for it.

In fact, on August 16, Liam Payne’s girlfriend, Sophia Smith, reached out to Louis Tomlinson’s ex via social media. Despite the fact that Sophia Smith has a private Twitter and Instagram account, she used her public Instagram account that is heavily followed by Louis Tomlinson fans to remind Eleanor Calder she still cares.

As someone that is in close proximity to Louis Tomlinson during the One Direction tour, it is possible that Sophia Smith is tiring of being the only current 1D girlfriend. Regardless of the reason, Sophia put aside any allegiance with 1D or Louis Tomlinson to post a picture of herself with Eleanor Calder.

Perhaps speaking from the heart, Sophia Smith captioned the pic of her with Louis Tomlinson’s ex with a simple “missing you.”


[Feature image via Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images]