‘Love Under The Stars’: Hallmark Channel Mystery Movie Premieres Tonight Starring Jaeda Lily Miller And Ashley Newbrough

Love Under The Stars is a brand new mystery movie that is coming to the Hallmark Channel tonight. The comedy-romance, also known as Perfect Date, is directed by Terry Ingram and written by Erik Patterson and Jessica Scott. The cast includes Barry Bostwick as Walt, Wes Brown as Nate, Ashley Newbrough as Becca, Jessica Harmon as Amy, and Jaeda Lily Miller as Emily, as stated at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

The story centers around Becca, a grad student who seems to have a hard time growing up. Life for Becca takes a pleasant turn when she meets the lovely Emily, a 9-year-old girl whose mother recently died. Since her mother’s death, Emily barely talks to anyone but seems to open up upon meeting Becca. Suddenly drawn together, the unlikely pair forge a solid friendship. Emily is so impressed with Becca that she tells her father, Nate, all about her new friend. Soon, Nate and Becca also form a friendship. When Nate finally asks Becca out on a date, she begins to experience feelings that she hasn’t allowed herself to express in a long time. Love Under The Stars is a story about love, friendship, courage, and letting go.

The pace and the feel of the movie is cozy and endearing, just the type of family movie for a lazy Sunday evening. Love Under The Stars was filmed in Victoria British Columbia, Canada, and is produced by Hallmark Channel, Mar Vista Entertainment and Two 4 The Money Media.

Born in the late 1980’s in New Port, Rhode Island, Ashley Newbrough, has been acting since the age of 10. She has appeared in 2008’s Privileged, 2011’s Even the Brace, and 2007’s Kaw. Most recently, Ashley Newbrough has starred in the TV series Mistresses.

According to Hallmark Channel’s website, Jaeda Lily Miller began acting in 2014. She has appeared in the Netflix series Some Assembly Required, The Christmas Secret, and Cookie Cutter Christmas.

Here is the tease and trailer for Hallmark Channel’s Love Under The Stars. Tune in at 9/8 central. Recently, the Inquisitr reported on two other Hallmark channel movies, Love Again and Perfect Match (A Perfect Wedding). For your enjoyment, please continue reading.

“Young-at-heart graduate student Becca (Newbrough) strikes up an unlikely friendship with Emily (Miller), a quiet girl who recently lost her mother. During their time together, Becca helps Emily come out of her shell and cope with her loss, and Emily teaches Becca more about grown up responsibility. When a romance develops between Becca and Emily’s father Nate (Brown), they must learn to balance their new relationship with his responsibility to Emily and Becca’s responsibility to finish her thesis for her supportive college advisor, Walt (Bostwick).”

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