EMT Dies Attempting To Save Woman, How Did It Happen?

A 22-year-old EMT dies while attempting to save a woman is the shocking news coming out of a New Jersey summer camp. Samantha Agins was at Jaycee Summer camp in New Jersey when her skills as an EMT were needed in order to try to save the life of an autistic woman, who was around 40-years-old. The autistic woman had suffered a heart attack. The young EMT performed CPR on the patient for over 30 minutes. Agins was unable to save the woman. Later in the day, Samantha would succumb to her own illness.

The family of Samantha Agins was shocked to discover that the EMT suffered a series of strokes while she was performing CPR earlier in the day.

“At the Pocono Medical Center, the doctor told [Paula Agins] that an artery was dissected during the CPR and caused Samantha to suffer a stroke in her brain stem, which killed all the nerves to that part of her brain. She was transported to Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, and spent a few days on life support there, before she died Tuesday evening.”

The EMT’s family did not consider the fact that something serious was wrong with Samantha. They thought that she might have been experiencing shock from the fact that she was unable to save the life of the woman at the New Jersey camp. Samantha’s mother wanted to bring her home but was told no by administrators at the camp. Camp officials thought that hospital staff might have needed to speak with her about the woman who died. By the time Samantha was seen at the Pocono Medical Center, it was too late. The young EMT was suffering from a condition called locked-in syndrome. When a patient has locked-in syndrome, their mind is still alert but the person is unable to communicate. Samantha’s father talks about the passing of his daughter.

“Knowing she died trying to save a life, which is what she wanted to do, brings a little comfort for us. It doesn’t bring her back. It doesn’t fill the void. It does bring some comfort.”

It is always a shock when an EMT dies while trying to save the life of another person. It is a risk that comes with the job. Samantha knew that. The Pocono Mountain East High School will be setting up a scholarship in the EMT’s name.

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