5 Seconds Of Summer’s New Album A More ‘Mature’ Statement From The Aussie Heartthrobs

One way to shake off that “boy band” label is to recruit some savvy rock veterans to help transform your sound into something more mature. And that’s exactly what the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer did for their sophomore album, Sounds Good, Feels Good, announced to go on sale this October.

As reported by Rolling Stone, 5 Seconds of Summer enlisted the aid of Sum 41, Good Charlotte, and All Time Low to help craft their songs on the new record. In particular, Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley left the guys feeling awestruck by his willingness to participate.

“He hasn’t really done too many sessions before, so it was kind of amazing that he wanted to do one with us,” 5SoS guitarist Michael Clifford gushed. “He’s a great guy, and Sum 41 is one of my favorite bands. All Killer No Filler is probably one of my top five favorite albums.”

And while Clifford thinks it’s “really cool” that veteran bands like Good Charlotte and Sum 41 have been supportive of their group, what’s really struck a chord with 5 Seconds of Summer is the effect they’ve seemingly had right back on them.

“If I said to myself a few years ago that Good Charlotte would want to make a record because of having a part in our record, I would just be like, ‘That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,’ ” Clifford added, remarking that both Good Charlotte and All Time Low have raced back into the studio as a result of their sessions together.

“They said they wouldn’t have made [Future Hearts] with John Feldmann if it wasn’t for us. It’s just weird that we can have that effect. I can’t really explain it.”

That’s not to say the band is getting too big for it’s britches, even with the positive feedback and inspiration they’ve provided. For instance, the Maddens of Good Charlotte are responsible for co-writing credits on their hit single “She’s Kinda Hot,” which, according to the Daily Mail, has already claimed the top spot on iTunes as well as receiving over 5.6 million views on YouTube. Good Charlotte’s collaboration on the song has certainly left the band, particularly lead singer Luke Hemmings, humbled.

“It’s kind of a weird turnaround, isn’t it? They’re a big part of me starting music.”

So for now, the future looks bright for 5 Seconds of Summer. And as reported by Inquisitr, they may even usher in a new era of pop-punk to the masses, thanks, in large part, to a little help from their friends.

[5 Seconds of Summer photo credit: Jason Kempin / Getty Images]