Tatiana Maslany Reveals ‘Orphan Black’ Spinoff Dream, Talks Reproductive Rights

Because Tatiana Maslany’s clone “sestras” are all extremely compelling characters, most Orphan Black fans probably have a hard time choosing their favorite. However, Tatiana knows which clone she would most love to watch in an Orphan Black spinoff, and her choice might surprise you.

Helena is the obvious choice — everyone loves a good redemption story, and Helena is the most unpredictable, hilarious, and deadly Orphan Black sestra. However, Tatiana Maslany’s ideal spinoff series would actually focus on Alison Hendrix, the suburban soccer mom who is funding her school trustee campaign by selling sedatives and homemade soap to the local desperate housewives. Maybe Maslany secretly loves severe bangs and Hip Hop Abs.

“It feels like a different movie when we’re shooting Alison,” Tatiana said during an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

She revealed that she gets to do more improv when she plays Alison, and she particularly enjoyed getting to create her own hip-hop music video with Kristian Bruun, the hilarious actor who plays Alison’s put-upon husband Donnie.

“The twerking [in Season 3’s episode, ‘Certain Agony of the Battlefield’] came out of us just dancing on set one day between takes.”

Even though Alison and Donnie found themselves tangling with a deadly drug lord last season, Tatiana Maslany enjoys Alison’s storylines because she believes that her issues aren’t as heavy as the stuff the other clones are dealing with — Cosima is dying, Helena is struggling to find her place in society after working as a cold-blooded clone killer and enduring years of abuse, and Sarah is trying to save everyone.

“There’s a lot of lightness when we get to do Alison stuff — versus like Sarah and Helena, it’s always a bit darker,” Tatiana said.

Perhaps Alison Hendrix also appeals so strongly to Tatiana Maslany because she’s such a strong woman. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tatiana isn’t afraid to fly her feminist flag high and proud — she recently spoke out against sexism in Hollywood, and she even revealed that she has refused to shave her mustache for a role. Because Alison appears to be your average soccer mom on the surface, many probably don’t view her as a feminist icon. However, she definitely wears the pants in her family — she’s the one bringing home the bacon, and she wasn’t afraid to dive headfirst into the male-dominated drug trade. This was definitely a questionable moral decision, but Alison did it for her family.

If there ever is an Orphan Black spinoff all about Alison, hopefully Tatiana Maslany won’t mind putting in the extra work required for Helena to tag along — the machete-wielding madwoman proved that she’s the perfect weapon against other drug dealers who might try to take over Alison’s turf, and her interactions with “strong-like-baby-ox” Donnie have been hilarious.

Tatiana Maslany’s ability to play characters with such wildly different personalities finally won her an Emmy nod, but the actress doesn’t believe that her talent is solely responsible for the nomination. She credits her passionate fans for making sure that she didn’t slip under the Emmy’s radar again.

“I feel it’s not for me this nomination happened; it’s for our fans, because they’re the ones who are fighting for people to watch the show and have championed it in such a huge way,” Tatiana told Variety. “I feel so supported and so loved. It’s totally crazy to me that anyone cares if I get a nomination — it’s pretty wild.”

Tatiana is equally passionate about Orphan Black, but the actress doesn’t work so hard to breathe life into her characters because she wants to be celebrated and showered with awards. For Tatiana, the show isn’t about her ability to portray different women who all look similar — it’s about her characters’ surprisingly similar strengths and what the science behind their genetic sameness represents. Because the clones were created in a lab, the show’s numerous big bads seem to view the women as little more than valuable genetic material. During her interview with the Times, Tatiana compared the clones’ struggle to gain ownership of their own bodies to the fight for women’s reproductive rights.

“For me, I would watch this show for its dissection of how our culture looks at women and their bodies. Reproductive rights are at the forefront of news right now… we’re standing up and saying, ‘This isn’t right, and who are you to tell me what to do with my body?’ Orphan Black, whether it’s subtle or not, really speaks to that.”

On a lighter note, Tatiana Maslany also revealed that she’s a huge fan of fellow feminist icon Amy Schumer, and she said that she’d love to do more comedy. Fans of both actresses better keep their fingers crossed that they’ll find some way to work together someday (maybe Amy can play Alison Hendrix’s new BFF in that Orphan Black spinoff).

[Image credit: BBC America]