Christine Ouzounian Engaged: Relationship Abruptly Ended When Alleged Affair With Ben Affleck Began, Report Claims

Christine Ouzounian was reportedly engaged when her alleged tryst with actor Ben Affleck started, an affair that left her fisherman fiance high and dry.

Ouzounian has been linked to Affleck in recent weeks, with reports claiming that the two sparked a relationship shortly after Ben and Jennifer Garner decided to separate. Ouzounian had been serving as the family’s nanny, and her relationship with Ben reportedly started during what was supposed to be a family outing to the Bahamas.

At the time Christine Ouzounian went to work for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner as a nanny to their three children, she was engaged to a man named Christoph Albury who works in the Bahamas as a fishing guide.

Though Affleck was reportedly separated by the time his relationship with the nanny began, Christine Ouzounian was still engaged, sources claim.

But her engagement didn’t last long once she hooked up with Affleck, ET Online reported.

In breaking down the timeline of their alleged affair, the outlet noted that the relationship abruptly ended around the same time she was rumored to be sleeping with Ben Affleck.

“Ouzounian plans to spend time with her fiancé in the Bahamas during this two-week trip, which Affleck and Garner have approved, sources say. A source tells ET, however, that Ouzounian’s fiancé suddenly broke up with her during this trip, and friends are confused as to the reason why. ‘Something happened in the Bahamas,’ a source close to the situation says. ‘He said he didn’t want to see her at all.’”

Although her engagement has ended, it is unclear if Christine Ouzounian is still with Ben Affleck. Though the actor strongly denies the affair with his nanny, sources claim that he is still secretly bankrolling her lavish lifestyle.

“Although Ouzounian ceased to be employed as the children’s nanny, she continued her association with Affleck, and was photographed arriving at his LA rental home with a bottle of Champagne and driving the actor’s car,” reported. “As rumors mounted that Ouzouian was secretly dating Affleck — vehemently denied by his reps but not by her — she moved into the Hotel Bel-Air, where rooms start at US$1000 ($1355) per night.”

Ouzounian has mostly kept out of the public eye but last week posted a picture on Instagram showing herself with a new Lexus IS convertible. Sources close to Affleck told TMZ that the actor didn’t pay for the roughly $43,000 ride.

Though Christine Ouzounian may have been engaged when she started the affair with Ben Affleck, sources say her fiance may have suspected something was coming. A source told OK! that Albury was afraid that he would “lose her” when Christine went to Hollywood to become a nanny to the stars.

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