Release Date For iPhone 6s Announced

The wait for the iPhone 6s is nearly over!

With mass production underway, Forbes is reporting that Apple plans on launching the iPhone 6s on September 9. Apple’s latest smartphone will be specially priced from the launch date until the month’s end. This could be good news for those who are looking at getting their hands on an iPhone 6s.

Surprisingly, not much else was confirmed about the iPhone 6s. Apple’s updated version of their latest phablet will have some upgrades along with a few slight changes to the overall design.

The access panel is different. As Apple goes full bore into the development of the iPhone 7, the updated access panel serves as a precursor to what the new Force Touch integration technology promises us, cites Forbes.

Also, the LCD screen was reworked for a fingerprinting experience. It will be great for security purposes that the screen digitization has been upgraded.

Tech-based website GSMArena is suggesting that there will be several differences between the iPhone 6s and its predecessor. What is ironic about smartphones is that their features are what we care about the most. They take precedent over actually making a call. The iPhone 6s is no exception here. It is the updated features of the iPhone 6s that truly stands out.

As been reported by several sources, expect a 12 megapixel camera to be installed.

Apple knows that you want to take that perfect shot. The last iPhone offering gives users the ability of taking great photos, but it was a slight upgrade over the camera from the iPhone 5s.

With a 12 megapixel camera in tow, most of the photos will come out crisp and sharp. Action photos should look stunning, while the video quality will be at a near professional quality.

FaceTime will be an improved experience as well with a 5 megapixel front-facing camera.

As you should already know, Apple promised an overhaul of their processor. In the update for iPhone 5 owners, there were some software tweaks which allowed for a faster phone and task managing. That update was the operation system update. The introduction of the new A9 processor chip will be accompanied by the iOS 9 operation system.

For those who do actually use their phablets to actually talk, there is some good news. The battery life is rumored to be up to 14 hours of talk time.

As for color options, the standard space grey and silver will be available, as will gold and rose gold.

There is room for more speculation and rumors between now and September 9 when the iPhone 6s will launch. In the meantime there will be continuous updates given about the iPhone 6s.

The release is official, the features have not been confirmed. What is known is that the iPhone 6s will be an upgrade over its predecessor, but is it a new Apple smartphone, or is it simply a sequel to the iPhone 6?

[Photo courtesy of Apple]