WWE News, Huge Update: Kevin Owens Potentially Winning NXT Title At WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens is set to face off with NXT Champion Finn Balor at WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn next week live from Brooklyn, New York. Owens will be getting his rematch against Balor for the NXT Title there in a Ladder match. It is only the second Ladder Match in NXT History; the last was also for the NXT Championship with Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville last year.

The NXT show in Brooklyn is speculated to be one of the better wrestling shows of the year. However, many believe that WWE has already spoiled it with some NXT tapings that are set to air the week after Takeover. On the tapings, both Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks have a championship. Owens is seen coming out to the ring with the NXT Title while it appears that Banks has a dark match with a new NXT Diva.

According to Cageside Seats, there is speculation that WWE is doing this as a way to protect the finishes of the matches at Takeover. By having Kevin Owens come to the NXT taping with the NXT Title, and have Sasha Banks there with her title, it leads to some thinking that something will happen at Takeover that we did not expect. It adds wonder, which only makes fans more enticed to find out what occurs.

The Wrestling Observer has a different take on it all, as they reported that there are few instances of WWE doing something like this in the past that were for swerve purposes only.

It makes sense to think that Triple H knew that the tapings would give away the winners of each match at Takeover. The only way to protect the title matches was to do something people wouldn’t expect. It would be a nice swerve for WWE to go with, seeing as fans wouldn’t have things spoiled for them like TNA tends to do with every PPV they have put on in the past year and a half.

Whatever WWE decides to go with for the NXT Takeover event, the show is speculated to be amazing from top to bottom. Fans are more excited for Takeover than WWE SummerSlam the following night. That goes to show how much of an impact NXT has had in the past year. The NXT show in Brooklyn is currently sold out, making it the largest single audience NXT has ever had. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to things involving NXT. Knowing the New York crowd, we can expect them to be hot the entire show.

[IMG Credit: YouTube]