More Niall Horan Miami Beach Details Emerge

Is there more to Niall Horan’s recent visit to Miami Beach than first expected? The star recently spent some time hanging out in nightclubs in Miami Beach and now Niall Horan fans have a little bit more information about that tourist outing.

When Niall Horan goes out for a night on the town, fans are always interested in hearing every last detail. Sadly, Niall Horan has been harassed by fans in the recent past during his solo excursions — and he stated recently to BBC1 that does not like getting swarmed by fans outside of One Direction events.

Regardless, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Niall Horan seems to have put his recent bad experiences of dealing with rude One Direction fans aside. As it seems, he spent the evening of August 12 in Miami Beach without having too many problems associated with being the one-and-only Niall Horan.

About the earlier part of Niall Horan’s evening in Miami Beach, the Miami Herald reported, “Niall Horan from One Direction had a low-key time Tuesday night at Cecconi’s, the restaurant at Soho Beach House. Our spy says the teen heartthrob was with a few (nonfamous) friends and were ‘well behaved,’ having a few beers, keeping mainly to themselves and getting chatty with the bartender.”

Previous rumors state that later that evening, Niall Horan spent some time in a bar where he bought a $400 bottle of alcohol to share with friends. During that same evening, after spending some time with a group of ladies, Niall Horan started singing and playing on his guitar.

It was reported that as the night went on, Niall Horan started to attract too many fans and had to leave. Around 1:30 in the morning, Niall Horan was allegedly still in Miami Beach, but no one knew where.

Now, the Miami Herald has published a report giving a timeline to this evening.

“We have more intel about how One Direction’s Niall Horan spent some off time in Miami Beach. He started his Tuesday night ‘tucked away’ in Zuma’s lounge, having dinner with some guy friends, and ended it with an appearance at Wall Lounge around 1 a.m. with security guards in tow and his three male pals. All were drinking Grey Goose and Dobel tequila shots with five ‘hotties’ who stopped at their table briefly. The gang left Wall at 3 a.m.”

[Feature image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]