McKamey Manor Leaving San Diego: ‘Extreme’ Haunted House Television Show In The Works

McKamey Manor is known as one of the most “extreme” haunted houses in the world. In fact, the haunt is so extreme that some have speculated that the haunt could be viewed as a form of legal torture, with many demanding the extreme attraction be dismantled.

While many find the idea of McKamey Manor disturbing, it hasn’t stopped people from vying for a chance to step into the real-life horror movie. Last year, McKamey Manor had a waiting list of over 17,000 people hoping for a chance to enter their worst nightmares. Sadly for those on the waiting list, they won’t have a chance to experience McKamey Manor this year as the haunt is closing its doors in San Diego. The owner of McKamey Manor, Russ McKamey, says he is being forced to dismantle the haunt due to financial constraints. However, he says all hope is not lost for McKamey Manor haunt hopefuls. McKamey says the haunt will reopen in a new location and that a pilot television series is in the works.

KPBS reports that despite being noted as one of the most extreme haunted houses in the world, McKamey Manor is closing its doors in San Diego. Russ McKamey, owner of McKamey Manor, says that due to losing his job of 13 years as a veterans advocate, he can no longer support the haunt.

McKamey Manor may have a waiting list that is 17,000 strong, but McKamey isn’t making any money off of his extreme haunt. In fact, participants don’t pay to take part in the haunt; instead, they donate cans of dog food to a local shelter. With the attraction running for free, Russ is left to pay for props and upkeep himself. Without his job, he says he can no longer keep the manor in San Diego as the cost-of-living is too high. Therefore, he has decided to dismantle his flagship manors and move on to a different location.

However, as the report indicates, Russ is having a hard time finding a town that is willing to accept his unusual form of entertainment. Russ notes one particular town in Illinois that wasn’t so welcoming of his unconventional haunted house.

“We’ve had a lot of offers, but the place that I thought was going to work for me turned out to be the ‘Footloose’ of the haunt world. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Footloose’ and Smalltown, USA, and how they don’t allow you to dance or to gather or anything else — this is what happened with this small town in Illinois. It’s called McLeansboro, Illinois. They are the footloose of the haunt world.”

Russ noted that the town’s mayor originally welcomed the idea because it would bring in tourists to the area; however, locals were not too keen on the idea. In fact, they flat out refused to have an “extreme” haunted house in their backyard.

So where is McKamey Manor relocating? For now, Russ says he has no idea. However, he says that McKamey Manor will live on; he has signed on for a pilot episode of a new television series that would be a Fear Factor-type show for those interested in the horror world. In addition to the television series, Russ says he will also be at various events in NYC and Los Angeles.

“We have a television show in the works. We’ve signed a deal for a pilot episode, a McKamey Manor type of ‘Fear Factor’ challenge show but in the horror world. We’re gonna be in New York City for six shows. And this Saturday at an extreme haunt panel at ScareLA.”

What is so “extreme” about the McKamey Manor that many towns are saying “no thanks” to the attraction moving into the area? Check out some of the videos from the McKamey Manor haunts, which last anywhere from four to six hours, by clicking here and here.

What do you think of the Illinois town barring McKamey Manor from setting up shop in their small town? Would you want McKamey Manor in your neighborhood?

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