WWE News: WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor Says NXT Is The Best Wrestling Product, In No Hurry To Be Called Up

WWE NXT has been red hot over the last year and a half. The stories and matches on the shows have been fantastic. It was NXT that helped bring great female wrestling back to WWE, and it was NXT that the wrestling world took notice of when the main roster simply wasn’t getting it done. It is a different product than WWE’s main roster, and as a result, hardcore fans have gravitated toward it a lot more than even RAW and SmackDown on occasion.

This has led to some not being in a rush to come up to WWE’s main roster, and one such person potentially leading that crusade is the WWE NXT Champion, Finn Balor. When asked about a potential call up in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, Balor had an interesting answer.

“Right now, NXT is the main roster. NXT is the hottest thing in wrestling. I’m not in any hurry to go anywhere else but take NXT to the next level.”

He went on to tell the PodNasty Wrestling Podcast similar.

“What we’re doing at NXT right now is groundbreaking. It’s revolutionary For me, it’s like a Renaissance period in wrestling, and I want to be involved in NXT, I don’t want to go to the quote-unquote main roster, I don’t want to get called up, so to speak, because I believe that we at NXT are building something together that is going to be looked back on in 10 years the same way that we looked back on the ECW period as being revolutionary at that time, and this is something that I want to be involved in.”

Most believe Finn Balor has a point. NXT is the hottest wrestling product in the world, and WWE just happens to be the company that makes it all work. The moment that WWE might have realized the power of NXT could be at the WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn numbers. NXT’s event sold out, and now over 13,000 people will experience the event live from Brooklyn. To properly equate this, WWE SummerSlam will be in the same arena the following night and rumor has it that they have not sold it out yet.

What Balor claims about NXT is probably legitimate at this point. Can anyone really NOT call it the main roster? The shows are just as good and they sell out every venue they go to on the road. They are just as good or even better than anything on RAW and SmackDown.

Heyman Balor

While Balor is obviously in favor of whatever WWE decides as NXT is hot right now, he did leave a bit of a possibility that the main roster isn’t far away for him. When asked about a potential Paul Heyman alliance, Balor explained to PodNasty.

“I’m a big admirer of Paul, and I’ve had a lot of conversations with Paul about what we could do potentially in the future but it’s all hypothetical at the moment. That was some incredible, incredible fan art that I’m very fortunate that people send me all the time and I like to publicize some of their work and that’s literally all that was. A lot of people read into it their own way, and I apologize for that. But who knows, I will be in Brooklyn for NXT Takeover, I believe SummerSlam is in Brooklyn the next night, I believe Raw is in Brooklyn the next night so I’ll be in Brooklyn. Who knows?”

Many want to see a Balor/Heyman alliance as Heyman can get a guy like Finn Balor over even more than he can by himself. Balor oozes charisma and has showmanship that can only be rivaled by the greats. His in-ring work is just as good. However, the glaring hole in his arsenal is his mic work. While he has improved this since coming to NXT last year, he has not perfected it.

If an alliance with Heyman did happen, Balor could focus on what he does best and Heyman would do the talking for him. That would make the perfect World Champion. While we cannot expect Finn Balor to show up on WWE RAW or even SummerSlam next Sunday, he is going to be in the area regardless. So it wouldn’t be shocking if he did appear just because he could. This despite his claims of not being in a rush.

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