‘Straight Outta Compton’ Movie Torrents, Download Links Claim Users Can Watch Movie Online

The Straight Outta Compton movie has done such big box office that it is landing on the list of movies with the highest August release box office totals, as reported by the Inquisitr. The film is also bringing plenty of buzz to Twitter, and along with folks posting their reviews of Straight Outta Compton come questions from people about how to watch it online.


Those seeking to watch Straight Outta Compton online aren’t necessarily looking for sites like Google Play, which has the movie available for pre-order to watch online for $14.99 — but not available to watch online yet. Likely, they are part of the population posting their requests to watch Straight Outta Compton via torrent sites.

Meanwhile, searches for “Straight Outta Compton full movie” on YouTube turn up promising looking YouTube videos that are more than one hour long. However, playing them shows the standard stand-up person introducing the video as one that has to be viewed by clicking other links in the description. As such, nefarious malware could be waiting for those who click such links and download whatever the torrent pushers are selling as the full movie.

Others are urging folks not to illegally download the Straight Outta Compton full movie and watch it online in order to help the box office take continue to grow. Those pundits believe in giving the moviemakers the full credit they deserve — both financially and otherwise.

Those beliefs haven’t stopped folks who don’t want to go to the movie theaters, or whose budgets might not allow it, to still put their Twitter requests out there to watch Straight Outta Compton online. Searches on Google also bring results from video sites like Daily Motion by users employing the same tactics that those on YouTube are using. Videos nearly one hour long in length promise users can watch the movie online, but in the end, they attempt to send viewers off to other sites to see Straight Outta Compton online — and off to perhaps dangerous viruses ahead.

On Reddit, a search for Straight Outta Compton to watch online turns up results from those sharing links from places that promise users can watch the full HD streaming Straight Outta Compton movie online as well. However, any users attempting to view the movie online via such links would be warned to stay away to avoid malware and viruses that could end up making them regret their decision.

[Image via Straight Outta Compton one-sheet]