First Look At New ‘Inside Out’ Short Film That Will Focus On Riley’s First Date [Video]

Pixar’s Inside Out hinted that big changes were in store for 12-year-old Riley and her emotions after Joy and Sadness teamed up to save their sweet girl — near the end of the movie, a mysterious red button labeled “PUBERTY” was added to the control console in Riley’s head. Much like Joy, the movie’s younger viewers had no idea what that red button meant. However, their parents knew what was coming: dates and boys sprinkled with a touch of teen angst.

Inside Out fans learned that Riley was going to be quite the heartbreaker when she made the emotions inside a boy’s brain go completely haywire at a hockey game, so they won’t be shocked to learn that Riley starts dating as a tween. However, Riley’s parents seem pretty stunned when they learn that their little girl is going out on a date.

According to Wired, fans of Inside Out will soon find out the fate of that poor infatuated boy who Riley seemed less than impressed with at the end of the movie. Unfortunately, ABC News reports that Pixar lovers will have to shell out a little extra cash for the upcoming Inside Out digital release or Blu-Ray if they want to find out whether Riley warms up to hormone-crazed Jordan. One of the release’s bonus features will be a short film titled Riley’s First Date.

Pixar shared the Riley’s First Date short film with a lucky audience at Disney’s D23 Expo. It was just one of the many highlights that included special looks at Toy Story 4, Finding Dory, Gigantic, and a slew of other upcoming animated projects. Thankfully, Wired promises that the Inside Out mini-sequel won’t leave viewers in tears — it’s aimed at tickling the tiny being that probably inhabits your funny bone. Entertainment Weekly reports that a full-length Inside Out sequel isn’t in the works just yet, but a short teaser clip of Riley’s First Date might make you yearn for Pixar to take on Riley’s terrible teens.

In the clip below, you get to see what happens inside the minds of Riley’s mom and dad when Jordan shows up at the door. The poor parents can’t believe that their daughter might be going out on a date, and naturally, their emotions aren’t thrilled with the situation either. The emotions in mom’s brain have never dealt with a situation like this before, so they make a crucial mistake — they decide to drop a few teen slang words in an attempt to get Riley to open up to her mother.

Inside Out will be released digitally on October 13 and on Blu-Ray on November 3, 2015.

[Image credit: Pixar via Facebook]