Salma Hayek Gets Restraining Order Against Two Women For Allegedly Threatening To Kidnap Her Daughter

Salma Hayek’s restraining order, just granted this Friday, is proof that the actress still has a definite fan base. Unfortunately, not all fans are content with just trying to get their favorite celebrity to retweet or follow them on social media.

Two women with an obsessive fixation on Salma Hayek have been ordered to stay away from her family after impersonating her and threatening to kidnap her daughter. The impersonations were done online, but their persistence has been enough to scare Hayek and force her to take legal action.

The two women, 25-year-old Liana Philippon and 35-year-old Odette Bodagh, have been sending messages to people in Salma’s social network and even using FaceTime claiming to be the actress. According to the New York Daily News, Salma Hayek’s restraining order claims Philippon sent one such email to Angie Harmon, posing as Salma’s brother, asking for the actress’ contact information. She also sent a message to co-star Sasha Alexander, posing as Salma and threatening to kidnap Hayek’s daughter Valentina.

“I know where her daughter will be. How much is her life worth?”

The harassment began in June 2014, and Salma first discovered the threat against her daughter in July of that year. After detectives spoke with the two women, the harassment seemed to die down.

The harassment re-surfaced this past May, when Bodagh had attempted to send a FaceTime video message to Hayek’s daughter saying “Hi baby, it’s mama.” The actress caught it instead and decided to take it to the court system.

It didn’t work in Bodagh’s favor that she allegedly felt she was in love with Salma Hayek, despite having never met her. The restraining order claims that Bodagh had left her husband to be with the actress. This was discovered in a disturbing series of text messages Salma received.

Salma Hayek’s restraining order against the two women is expected to be made legal after a court hearing next month. The court has already ordered the women to stay 100 yards away from Salma, her husband, and her daughter, and no communication will be tolerated.

[Image via Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images]