Corduroy The Cat Reclaims Guinness World Record For Oldest Living Cat

Corduroy the cat has reclaimed his Guinness World Record for being the oldest living cat.

Born on August 1 1989, Corduroy and his owner Ashley Reed Okura have been pals since he was just a kitten and she was only 7-years-old. Now, the elderly cat is 26-years-old, which is shocking as the average lifespan for a domesticated cat is only 15 years.

Corduroy previously held the Guinness record in 2014. However, he lost the title after the owners of Tiffany Two submitted a claim for the title. However, after the sad death of Tiffany Two, who was 27 years, 2 months, and 20 days old, Corduroy the cat has reclaimed his title.

“We are thrilled! I bought Corduroy a mouse to celebrate … it is wonderful to share him with the world,” Ashley said after hearing the exciting news.

Tiffany Two, a tortoiseshell, died in June. Her owner Sharron Voorhees described her companion as being in perfect health up until the day she died in her sleep, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr.

“She spent her last days laying either on the deck or down in the yard. She used to sleep right next to me every night,” Sharron said. “But in recent months she slept in the middle of the staircase, or, most recently, she had taken up residence on the dog’s huge pillow-bed in the living room. But that night she slept next to me on her heated pad. And that is where she passed.”

Although he has some kidney issues, Corduroy, who is 26 years and 13 days old, is in pretty good health and still roams and hunts along his owners 160 acre property, which Okura said is one of the secrets of him living such a long life.

“The secret has been allowing him to be a cat, hunting and getting plenty of love. Growing up on 160 acres in Oregon, I allowed Corduroy to roam the ranch freely, so he always gets lots of exercises,” Okura said in a statement.

Despite Corduroy the cat’s longevity, he is far from being the oldest cat ever. That title goes to a cat named Creme Puff, whp was born in 1967 and lived a whopping 38 years and three days.

[Photo via Guinness World Records]