‘General Hospital’ Is About To Get Emotional: Nathan Varni Gives Details On What Is Ahead

It sounds like fans of ABC's General Hospital are being heard, and Nathan Varni is listening. The ABC executive sat down with Daytime After Dark to discuss some of the happenings that have been going on and the future of GH with the new head writers coming in to revamp the current storylines.

Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have a huge task ahead of them as they began this week as brand new writers to replace Ron Carlivati, who was recently fired from his job as head writer for this beloved daytime drama. We Love Soaps posted the entire interview with Varni, and he said some interesting tidbits on what fans can expect in the coming weeks and months.

With all of the negative talk among devoted General Hospital fans lately and ratings that seem to be dropping once again, something needs to be done to get the show back on track, and that is exactly what Varni says they are working on. He wants to see more emotion and family ties coming back to the storylines.
"We're trying to get back to the emotional storytelling for the show. Just a lot more romance, and really kind of honing in on our core characters, and making it the show everybody has loved over the years. I feel like we got off course just a little bit over the last year or so, but we're really trying to bring the focus back to our core central characters."
One thing that viewers really hate about General Hospital is that they seem to drop certain storylines and never go back, or they even change it up so the back history doesn't jive with the current storyline. Longtime fans will take to social media in an instant to gripe on how things are changed from the rich history of GH. Varni addressed that sort of thing.
"Our goal is not to tell stories then drop stories. Our goal is to tell really detail emotional type stories with our main characters, and bring the families together. Shelly [Altman] and Jean [Passanante] have a lot of work to do."
He also mentioned that the door is always open for Anthony Geary to come back to his role as Luke Spencer. However, he says that it probably won't happen anytime soon. There have also been rumors flying around that Kristen Alderson is returning to her role as Kiki Jerome, but Varni said it is not true at this point.

Okay, so when is Jason Morgan finally going to be revealed? Fans are getting quite impatient! Nathan Varni said it will be soon. He seems to be hearing the pain of the viewers. He mentioned that he is aware that the long-awaited reveal of Jason has angered many fans, but he promises that it is coming soon and that Billy Miller is going to "knock it out of the park."

What do viewers have to look forward to in the coming weeks on General Hospital? Well, things just got a lot more complicated now that Jason/Jake just proposed to Elizabeth, and she has no intention of making the reveal herself anytime soon. The Inquisitr has previously mentioned that Elizabeth is still keeping her secret but struggling with it.

There is also the big reveal on Friday's episode when fans found out at the hospital who Brad's wife really is. How is this all going to work out between Brad and Rosalie... and Lucas?

Who really killed Silas? That should be revealed soon as well. Hopefully that won't be dragged out too long.

Are you ready for a new "emotional" General Hospital?

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