Niall Horan Says ‘It Would Be Sick’ To Work With Bruno Mars

Niall Horan and his One Direction bandmates are currently on a short break between dates in their latest world tour. Niall has taken the opportunity to slip off to Miami for a bit of rest and recreation. According to Music News, Niall popped up in an exclusive Miami nightclub earlier this week where he put on a mini-performance. Niall treated friends to Grey Goose Vodka at a cool $400 a bottle.

The break will no doubt be a relief to Niall and his bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. It isn’t often that Niall and the rest of One Direction get the chance to relax out of the public eye. The gossip columns are always full of speculation about anything and everything to do with the world’s most famous boy band. Since March of this year, when former member Zayn Malik quit the band, the majority of speculation has been about how long One Direction will last as a unit.

Earlier this week, former X-Factor judge Louis Walsh added to the speculation about the band’s future and threw some shade in Niall’s direction at the same time. Walsh claims that One Direction will split after their next album, due for release in November, and claimed that Harry Styles is the only member who “has what it takes” to make it as a solo artist.

There has been a huge amount of speculation about what Niall and his mates will do if the band do split. In recent weeks, Niall has given clues that he is not happy with how some One Direction fans are behaving. Last week, Niall took to Twitter to plead with fans to give him a break and to stop chasing him around New York City.

There has been no real clue as to what path Horan will pursue when One Direction split, but according to Unreality TV, Niall may have just given us a major clue. They report that Niall has told the Sun that he would love to work with Bruno Mars.

“I’d really love to get in the studio with Bruno Mars and just sit down and jam with him. That would be really cool.

“It would be sick. Just to get in there and jam and maybe write something.”

Of course, Niall could simply be hinting that he could collaborate with Mars to write a song for One Direction.

What do Inquisitr readers think? Does Niall Horan have what it takes to succeed in a solo career?

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]