WWE News: Kevin Owens’ Future — What Did Triple H Tell Him When He Signed?

Ever since Kevin Owens tapped out to John Cena during their third consecutive pay-per-view match, Owens’ future and status within the WWE has been questioned. His unconventional appearance and doubters behind the scenes have resulted in Owens falling down the card.

But in an exclusive video, Justin LaBar of Chair Shot Reality discussed Owens future with co-host Josh Isenberg. As the duo dissected Owens run on the main roster, LaBar revealed a blunt quote that Triple H told Owens when the former Kevin Steen signed with the WWE last year.

“Kevin, I like you, we’re gonna let you run loose here in NXT. But when Vince sees you, I don’t know what he’s going to think. He might want you to lose some weight, he might want to change your look, your style.”

LaBar noted that when Owens signed, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had no say, contact, or interaction with Owens. Therefore, Owens was purely signed due to Triple H’s positive view on Owens’ ability and future. It did not take long for Owens to show that he was worth the investment. After running roughshod through NXT and winning the title, he made his main roster debut just six months later.

Owens engaged in a feud with WWE’s top performer, John Cena, right away. Even more shockingly, he defeated Cena in their first match at Elimination Chamber. However, his feud with Cena continued with two more heavily promoted bouts. Owens was unsuccessful at both Money in the Bank and Battleground, losing to Cena both times.

Since that feud, Owens has floundered on the main roster. This past week on Monday Night RAW, Owens was on the receiving end of a fat joke from Randy Orton. Rumors of people, such as Kevin Dunn and McMahon, having issues with Owens weight have surfaced, as well.

But things may be looking up for him in the coming weeks. This week, a match between Owens and Cesaro was made official in just one week at WWE SummerSlam. Cesaro will be Owens’ first non-Cena opponent on pay-per-view. It’ll be a busy weekend for Owens, as he will face Finn Balor in Brooklyn for the NXT Takeover event the night prior.

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

Despite all the talk, Owens is less than a year into his WWE career and is still just 31-years-old. Labar and Isenberg also mentioned names such as Mick Foley, Edge, and Rey Mysterio, three talented men who did not fit the prototypical bodybuilder look that WWE allegedly loves, but still enjoyed success.

Owens will likely go down the same path, health permitting.

[Images via Between The Ropes and WWE]