Two Are Charged With Neglect In Dog’s Death In Petco Drying Cage

Two individuals have been charged with a class 4 misdemeanor of animal neglect after a dog died under their care at the grooming department of the Chesterfield Petco. Allison Marks had dropped off her beloved 2-year-old golden retriever Colby to be groomed. What should have been a routine event turned out to be a horrifying one: her young golden retriever overheated and subsequently died as a result. A veterinarian confirmed that the retriever died as a result of heat stroke. An assistant manager explained to Marks that the technician who should have been watching Colby left to attend a graduation party. Even though Colby was rushed to a veterinarian, it was too late, and he died, according to Three Million Dogs.

Petco took full responsibility for Colby’s death and indicated that the type of dryers used on the cage with Colby are no longer used in their grooming salons. The chain also indicated that additional training is being given to its grooming employees. Petco initially suspended, then later fired, the employee caring for Colby. The two individuals charged with neglect are Suzanne Jensen, 31, of Chesterfield County and Rebecca Witherspoon, 28, of Amelia County. There is a $250 fine for a class 4 misdemeanor. And both are due in court on September 23. Neither is employed by Petco any longer.

Although nothing can bring her special dog back, Marks stated the following, according to KMOV Channel 4 St. Louis.

“I am glad to see there will be justice for Colby’s death. I am still extremely thankful for all the continuous support and prayers during this difficult time!”

Although Petco will not specify exactly how Colby died and denies that the dryers used on him had heat, the company issued the following statement. “We take full responsibility for what happened in Midlothian, and remain heartbroken over Colby’s untimely passing. After a thorough investigation, it was clear our animal care protocols were not followed when it came to Colby. As a result, the individuals directly involved are no longer part of our company.”

What penalty do you believe that the former Petco employees should face in view of the dog’s horrific death? Do you believe that they should be banned from working with animals in the future? Please leave your comments below.

Unfortunately, grooming accidents happen to other pet owners and have been in the news lately. The unimaginable became horrifically real to a Maryland dog owner. His long-haired Chihuahua was accidentally hung at a grooming salon, and the owner was heartbroken when he discovered what happened to his beloved dog, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

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