Christine Ouzounian Engaged: Ben Affleck’s Alleged Mistress Was Engaged To Another Man When Affair Started

Christine Ouzounian was engaged to another man when she began her alleged affair with Ben Affleck, a new report claims.

Affleck has been linked to Ouzounian, the family’s nanny, with reports that the two sparked a relationship as Ben was splitting with Jennifer Garner.

Now it turns out that both Ben and Christine may have been cheating on their significant others. A new report from OK! magazine claims that Christine Ouzounian was engaged to Christoph Albury, a fisherman in the Bahamas, when the affair with Affleck began.

There may have been problems in the long-distance relationship before Christine and Ben allegedly hooked up. Albury reportedly worried that Christine would break away when she went to Hollywood to become a nanny.

“Christoph had been afraid he would lose her when she started nannying for celebrities,” an insider told the magazine.

The report comes just days after rumors circulated that Christine Ouzounian may be pregnant with Affleck’s child. A source told Radar Online that Ouzounian became smitten with Ben after he and Jennifer had separated, and then came up with a plan to get pregnant.

“By then, Christine was planning to get pregnant by Ben — and was trying to seduce him!,” a source told the outlet. “She wanted to be in the ‘family way’ real bad!”

But while those reports painted Ouzounian as a manipulative homewrecker, others stuck up for her. Friends who knew her from her hometown in Santa Monica said that Christine is kind and likable.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported,

“Christine’s upbringing was typical — she attended Santa Monica High School (which locals call ‘Samo’) with her twin sister, Caty, and graduated in 2005. The ‘spunky’ and ‘good-hearted’ teen played soccer and was well-liked enough to attend a 10-year reunion two weekends ago, a source told Page Six Wednesday.”

“‘She’s like a spunky personality … she’s good-hearted, smiling a lot, she’s quirky,’ said the source, who is close with both Christine and Caty.”

But while Ben Affleck has vehemently denied the affair publicly, sources say behind the scenes he is scrambling to keep it under wraps.

“Ben wants Jen to deny his relationship with Christine,” a source told Us Weekly. “At this point, she wants nothing to do with Ben.”

It’s not entirely clear if Christine Ouzounian was still engaged when she began the alleged affair with Ben Affleck. A neighbor who lives near Christoph Albury said that Christine hadn’t been around in quite a while.

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