August 15, 2015
'Murder Made Me Famous': Jodi Arias' Sex-Crazed Murder Case Premieres On Reelzchannel's New TV Crime Series Tonight

Murder Made Me Famous is airing the sex-crazed Jodi Arias, Travis Alexander murder case on the Reelzchannel tonight, according to Broadway World. Murder Made Me Famous is a sizzling new TV crime series that will profile the cases of notorious killers who've become famous all because they've killed somebody. The Reelzchannel is giving Investigation Discovery, Oxygen, TV One, and the Lifetime channel some stiff competition since they have begun delving into the true crime genre. America's fascination with true crime and murder dates all the way back to the turn of the century -- maybe even before. And as new crime TV shows and new crime channels continue to pop up, it doesn't seem like the public's obsession with sex and crime will die down any time soon.

The new docudrama series will feature the cases of some of the most bizarre murders that have captivated the public and created a media frenzy. In addition to the Jodi Arias, Travis Alexander murder case, viewers can expect to see the case of Natalee Holloway, Laci and Scott Peterson, and the Menendez brothers. Drew Peterson will also have his story told on the new series. Each Murder Made Me Famous episode will recreate and dramatize the shocking crime. Also included are the personal stories of the victims' family members and journalists who covered the case. You'll also see police officers and other law enforcement officials weighing in on the crime. Steve Helling will offer his comments regarding this cases. Steve Helling is the well-known crime writer for People's Weekly. His expert opinion will add just the right amount of insight that is sure to draw viewers right in.

Truth is, people find murder stories absolutely spine-tingling. And sometimes the more gruesome the murder, the better. When a person sees a gripping headline, it makes one wonder how something like this could have occurred. Once a person gets into the meat of a case, hearing all sorts of tiny details and fascinating tidbits makes the story all that much more compelling.

But more than that. There has to be some aspect of the story that connects with people, a story that pulls the reader (or the listener) in. It has to be a story that makes you "feel" for the victim. Nothing resonates with the American public more than seeing a person wronged. The immediate response is always a feeling of wanting to see justice. And there's something else. In order for the media or the public to become intrigued by a killer -- possibly making the murderer famous -- it helps if the killer is beautiful or handsome. And the case has to include sex -- lots of sex.

In the case of Jodi Arias, we saw pictures of a plain, dark-haired woman with glasses who went from matronly to seductive when her hair suddenly turned blonde and the glasses came off. Then we heard all the salacious details, which included information about their sexual activities -- the frequency in which they engaged in sex, and the video taping of the their sexual escapades. Those are the "deets" that make for a exciting and engrossing case.

Don't forget. The Jodi Arias story airs tonight. So grab a partner and some popcorn and be in front of your TV sets at 9 p.m. central on Reelzchannel. #Murderfamous

Murder Made Me Famous Trailer

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