Failed Abortion Leads To Family’s $1.1 Million Lawsuit Against The Hospital Responsible

A failed abortion in 2000 has led one Italian family to launch a $1.1 million lawsuit against the hospital responsible as the parents feel the costs of raising their now 14-year-old daughter should not be their responsibility.

This new report from the Daily Mail details the odd upbringing of Elise Bellandi, who reportedly survived a miscarriage and a failed abortion attempt.

Her mother, Aurora, was over 40 at the time, and neither she nor husband Giuseppe wanted her. However, that changed after Elise’s traumatic entry into the world.

They did end up raising her, according to the news site, and they both claim to love their daughter. They have also been honest with her about their original intentions.

Nevertheless, they, and now Elise, believe the cost of her upbringing should be the hospital’s responsibility to the tune of the $1.1 million figure.

Mom, Dad, and Elise could reportedly use the money as the family from Rimini, Italy, are reportedly on government assistance as Giuseppe has been without work for five years and Aurora now suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

The case is definitely an unusual one, and it’s not without its share of controversy as some critics of the parents claim they couldn’t possibly love their daughter. That’s something Giuseppe takes exception to in comments to the Mail.

“They say I don’t love her because I wanted an abortion. How can they say I don’t love my own daughter? The doctors try and make us feel guilty for making a case. They made a mistake. They brought her into the world. If they did do an examination [after the abortion], as they say they did, how was she born? What did they examine? A rabbit?”

Of Elise, Giuseppe calls her a “smart, beautiful girl,” adding, “She is a leader among her friends. She is not the problem. They [healthcare professionals] are the problem.”

Elise told the news site that in spite of her parents’ initial feelings, she has never felt unloved or unwanted.

When this story hit Opposing Views this week, many commenters did not see the family’s side of it.

“They had the option to put their child up for adoption, by keeping the child they accepted the responsiblity to raise the kid. They are clearly struggling with their own health and are just looking for sources of money.”

“These people are nothing but slime….”

“Bet that makes the daughter feel loved. I wouldn’t care how many times they told me, I would not believe them.”

What do you think about this, readers? Should the failed abortion mean that the hospital owes the family the cost of Elise’s upbringing? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Bellandi Family c/o Daily Mail, linked above]