Siri ‘Butt Dial’ Saves Man’s Life

A Siri “butt dial” has saved the life of a Tennessee man, according to a new report from Fox 17.

Sam Ray, 18, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was reportedly working underneath his truck on the day of July 2, when the jack gave out, bringing all 5,000 pounds of vehicle down on top of him, the news site reports.

Ray cried out for help repeatedly, but no one heard him, so he was pretty much going to die on his own — except he wasn’t alone.

While struggling underneath the massive weight, Ray heard Siri activate in his pocket. Realizing that it was now or never, KUTV notes, he pressed on his hip and got the microphone, then shouted for the voice prompt to dial 911.

“When I heard a woman talking from inside my pocket, I just started shouting,” Ray said. “I didn’t know if she could hear me or not, but I heard her say that help was just around the corner.”

In all, Ray spent 40 minutes under the vehicle and suffered a bruised kidney and three broken ribs as a result of being crushed. He also contracted second- and third-degree burns on his arm after catching it underneath the exhaust pipe.

Ray told media outlets that he plans to attend Ole Miss for the fall semester and that his goal is to one day become a minister and to “pay it forward,” helping people in the way that doctors and rescue workers did for him.

“This has reminded me how fragile life is and how little time we have to make a difference.”

Ray’s gratitude also extends to Siri for “her” role in saving his life. Of course, Siri is a computer program, but she is also Susan Bennett, a veteran voice-over artist.

Not surprisingly, 911 “butt dials” are on the rise throughout certain parts of the country. A previous Inquisitr story detailed a report from local ABC affiliate WBRZ- Channel 2 News, in which it was revealed that East Baton Rouge Parish averages between 30 and 35 “butt dials” an hour, a number they have seen drastically increase over the last few years.

“Mike Chustz, the EMS public information officer, said it’s largely due to new technology such as touch screens, emergency modes, or 911 speed dial are usually to blame.”

Thankfully in Ray’s case, it wasn’t a matter of “the Siri who cried wolf.”

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[Image of Siri via Mashable]