Meghan King Edmonds Calls Vicki Gunvalson ‘Old Grandma’ Who Has ‘Aged Out,’ Vicki Says She’ll Try To Get Meghan Fired

The feud between Meghan King Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson seems to be getting more vicious by the day. On Friday, days after Vicki declared that she’ll try to get Meghan fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan called Vicki the “old grandma” of the show who has “aged out” and is desperate for a storyline.

Meghan posted a tweet implying that Vicki faked the storyline viewers will see on next week’s episode. Meghan went so far as calling Vicki “the Old Grandma of the OC” who has “aged out” of the show.

When someone called Meghan out for her mean tweet, Meghan said that it was in retaliation for one of her tweets.

“Checkmate,” Meghan triumphantly added to her tweet.

The tweet that may have set Meghan off was Vicki’s tweet, posted on Wednesday, that she’ll try to get Meghan fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Prior to that tweet, Vicki tweeted that Brooks isn’t faking his cancer and that the other girls are just creating drama.

A preview for next week’s episode shows Vicki’s boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, telling the other women that he has decided to stop his chemotherapy for his cancer to try out an alternative treatment plan involving a blast of antioxidants. When Brooks was talking about a doctor who had the same cancer and found success with the alternative treatment plan, he said that the doctor had the same cancer “that I did.”

“That I do, he did,” Brooks quickly corrected.

Brooks’ slip immediately raised Tamra Judge’s suspicion.

“Did he just say the cancer that ‘I did,’ that’s odd!” she said in an interview.

Tamra isn’t the only one suspicious of Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers’ claim that he’s going through cancer. As previews of the season show, viewers will also see Meghan King Edmonds questioning the claim that Brooks has stage three cancer. As The Real Housewives of Orange County focuses on Brook’s cancer starting next week, the feud between Vicki and Meghan is likely to just heat up more. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the two are still fighting over Vicki making fun of Meghan for being her husband’s third wife and criticizing her decision to not work.

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