Post Harry Potter Month Celebration With ‘Harry Potter’-Inspired Food

If you think you’re the ultimate Harry Potter geek, then you shouldn’t miss these wonderful Harry Potter-inspired food created by our fellow Harry Potter fans at the 36 Eggs blog.

The whole wizarding world celebrated the Harry Potter month last July, and Harry’s birthday last July 31 was the grand finale to the event. Harry Potter geeks at the A.V. Club found this quaint little blog, 36 Eggs, and we thought it’s not too late just yet to celebrate one of the greatest and most-loved fictional series of all time.

One of their most recent creations was the Snitch Cake created by Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a tribute to Harry Potter’s 35th birthday last July. The recipe to recreate Mrs. Weasley’s Snitch Cake is listed on the 36 Eggs website, so Harry Potter fans are highly encouraged to try their hand at baking and attempt the cake. Do not fear because the cake is only rated with a difficulty level of seven. Just bake it the way Molly Weasley does — with lots of love.

For those who are a little more conservative when it comes to baking and cooking, the geniuses at the 36 Eggs also have other Harry Potter-inspired recipes that are easier to create. One of the more famous food spreads from the Harry Potter series is the Hogwarts breakfast. Everyone knows that those at Hogwarts take their breakfast very seriously, and the chefs at 36 Eggs tried to recreate their daily banquet to the best of their ability.

Other Harry Potter-inspired dishes
Other Harry Potter-inspired dishes

Quoted from one of the Harry Potter books is the list of food available at the breakfast banquet, “The four long house tables were laden with tureens of porridge, plates of kippers, mountains of toast and dishes of eggs and bacon.”

Some of their other fairly easy recipes are Mrs. Weasley’s Chicken and Ham Pie from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Dudley Dursley’s Knickerbocker Glory from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Kreacher’s Treacle Tart from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Another very iconic Harry Potter piece is The Three Broomsticks’ Butterbeer, made popular by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Several cafés all over the world have already tried to recreate this drink to pay tribute to Harry Potter (and possibly to attract Harry Potter fans) and what 36 Eggs was able to pull off is to create a list of Butterbeer recipes to choose from, depending on taste preference and your Hogwarts house.

The Three Broomsticks' Butterbeer
The Three Broomsticks' Butterbeer

The 36 Eggs is a quaint little blog that is dedicated to creating Harry Potter-inspired food. It is put together by two San Diego librarians and huge Harry Potter geeks, Jenne and Miko.

[Images via the 36 Eggs blog]