Heather Thomson Tired Of ‘RHONY’ Drama: Could She Be Confirming Her Exit?

Heather Thomson has been a bit absent from The Real Housewives of New York this season, as she has been focused on her family and working on her business. A few weeks ago, sources revealed that Heather was actually considering leaving the show to work even harder on her growing business empire. Thomson never confirmed anything, but she has been pulling away from the show.

Heather Thomson did write her final blog for the season, and she is hinting that she is super tired of the same old drama. In fact, Heather knows that her co-stars are mad at her, but she doesn’t seem to care enough to fix it. Thomson would much rather talk about her business, which could be a huge indication that she is planning on leaving The Real Housewives of New York behind.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Thomson is now revealing that she is tired of the ladies making big deals out of nothing. In fact, Heather is shocked that the Countess remains mad at her for their brief argument in Turks and Caicos.

“Well I guess Luann is mad at me again. I can’t keep up and honestly don’t care to. This issue was over in Turks and Caicos and she just keeps dragging it out for something to sing about!” Heather Thomson reveals, hinting that Luann is just causing trouble so she has a storyline.

“I’m staying focused on the positive, and I’m really busy with my Yummie brand. My business has been growing since our launch seven years ago. It’s always really exciting here, and so my focus and attention is on Yummie and my family and true friendships, not drawn out drama,” Heather Thomson reveals, adding, “In addition to building my brand and focusing on the things I love, I continue my work with my charities.”

It is uncertain how Bravo will handle Heather’s exit if this is what she chooses to do. Bravo could be looking at socialite Lora Drasner, according to Christian Today. But it is very possible that Bravo won’t replace her since there are already seven other housewives – the most on a show at one time. According to the Inquisitr, a source revealed that Thomson was leaving the show just a few weeks ago.

“[Heather Thomson] wants to focus full-time on her business, Yummie, her family, and expanding into the health and nutrition arena,” a source revealed, adding, “The cons of doing the show far outweigh the pros at this point, and what the show has become don’t fit what she wants to be doing. She did it to promote her business and it devolved into ridiculous fights over the ridiculous antics of some unstable women. Heather Thomson] did the show to promote her business and later to be with her best friend, Carole Radziwill, and didn’t expect it to end up with fighting with Bethenny and Sonja [Morgan] and the rest edited out. It is no longer a good fit with where she sees her life going so she is making the choice to walk away.”

Do you think Heather Thomson is tired of the drama?

[Image via Bravo]