Groom Fights Tears As Bride Serenades Him From The Aisle [Video]

Warning: Tissues are required for more sensitive viewers, as this lovely bride serenades her waiting bridegroom in a Norway church when they were married on August 8 this year.

In the video above, we see future husband Ronny Eidsvik standing in the Ålesund church, smiling as he waits patiently for his bride to appear, but he is totally unaware of what was about to transpire.

The church doors open and in walks his bride, Maria Holand Tøsse, on her loving father’s arm. Things then take a surprising and unusual turn as the bride produces a microphone. Then the bride serenades her future husband with a great rendition of the song “You Raise Me Up,” originally sung by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden.

Wedding in Norway
Maria Holand Tøsse sings to her bridegroom, Ronny Eidsvik

The bride serenades the groom, accompanied by a ladies choir up on a balcony in the church and a small brass orchestra.

According to the Local, Maria loves singing and, in fact, won third place in Norway’s most popular talent show, Idol, back in 2006.

As she walks slowly down the aisle, singing her heart out to her future husband, the bridegroom is visibly moved as his bride serenades him. We see him constantly wiping the tears from his eyes, but he’s smiling all the while.

According to the Norwegian-language Exstra Bladet, Charles Tøsse, father of the bride, even got a chance to join in with a few lines of the song, suitably altered for the wedding ceremony.

“Now it is time to give away my daughter. You know it is time so please take care of her.”

Eidsvik told the Norwegian VG newspaper that he was so touched.

“I had no idea that this would happen. I know that Maria loves singing, but I didn’t even consider that this might happen.”

The singing bride herself told the newspaper, “We love music and emotions. Ronny was incredibly touched, and is still crying.”

“The guests said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever seen.”

Meanwhile, it seems that watching as the lovely bride serenades her groom is popular indeed, as what is possibly the most moving wedding video ever is currently going viral on YouTube, with over 1.5 million views at the time of writing.

Norway wedding
The wedding of Maria Holand Tøsse and Ronny Eidsvik

For anyone who would like to hear more of Maria’s singing voice, a video of her singing Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” back in 2013 is included below.

In other wedding-related news, the Inquisitr reports that a man in Hong Kong spent $51,600 to set up a helicopter marriage proposal to his girlfriend. Luckily, she said “yes.” However, whether that bride serenades her groom at their future wedding is yet to be seen.

[Images: Screengrabs from YouTube video]