Backlash Over Controversial Plus-Size Ad

One online retail company is receiving backlash over an ad that seems to be deliberately degrading. The ad appears on AliExpress, an international shopping site that has a plethora of fashion trends, shoes, accessories, and more.

For some reason, AliExpress saw nothing wrong with the following ad for 3XL and 5XL stretch pants, which they displayed on a very tiny model. In the ad, the thin model’s entire body is encased in just one of the pant legs.

If they were looking for attention with this outrageous ad, they received it. Backlash over the ad is coming at them from all sides. According to Metro, many customers are sharing their feelings over the ridiculous ad on social media, including the following comment by one indignant shopper.

“Are the manufacturers trying to appeal to women who only wear one pant leg at a time? Are they trying to instigate a new and forward-thinking fashion trend? Are these pants supposed to be worn as a dress?

“Plus-sized women are forced to endure a myriad of bizarre injustices when it comes to clothing advertisements, but this definitely takes it to a whole new level.”

AliExpress is not the only clothing shop to receive backlash over an ad using a skinny person to model plus size clothing. However, they seem to win the prize for the most distasteful way of displaying plus-size merchandise. In a related report by the Inquisitr, many people are looking forward to the addition of more plus-size models.

The Daily Mail reports that backlash over the ad is growing. As if it’s not enough that AliExpress seems to be degrading women with fuller figures with this ad, some people on Twitter are equally as offensive.

AliExpress Plus Size Ad

One person, not speaking of the AliExpress ad, listed a picture of beautiful-plus size women with the caption, “This plus size ad gets it right.”

Do you think AliExpress deserves to receive so much backlash over their ad? Do you find the ad offensive?

[Image via AliExpress via the Daily Mail]