‘I Am Cait’ To Be Canceled: E! Could Be Planning To Cancel Caitlyn Jenner’s Reality Series, Report Says, Here’s Why

I Am Cait may be getting canceled in the near future. Although Caitlyn Jenner created quite a buzz with the success of her Vogue magazine debut, unfortunately, I Am Cait hasn’t had the same success. According to Radar Online, the show’s ratings have been downhill since the premiere on July 26. Although the highly anticipated series got off to a strong start, with more than 3.9 million viewers in its first week, Jenner has not been able to hold the audience.

It has been reported that the show has lost more than half of its viewers in just a two-week span. By the third week, only 1.3 million viewers tuned in, according to Nielsen ratings. The staggering decline in viewership has reportedly raised concerns for the network, and it has been rumored that there is already chatter about an I Am Cait cancellation. An inside source reportedly affiliated with E! has shared details about the network’s concerns and the possible changes that may be ordered in the near future. According to OK! magazine, the show now faces the risk of being canceled.


“Executives and producers for the show feel that Caitlyn is being overexposed,” an insider reportedly said. “E! invested so much time and money into this project and everyone is just kind of baffled at how poorly it is doing.” Needless to say, Jenner is none too pleased. In fact, the insider claims she is devastated and quite shocked that people aren’t interested in watching.

However, it has been rumored that she’s trying to do everything possible to save the show and has reached out to her children for help with boosting the show’s ratings, but to no avail. Although she’s received a hefty paycheck for the strategically orchestrated I Am Cait brand, the insider has revealed that she still is not pleased because she was more adamant about the show being successful.

“Caitlyn has begged the rest of her kids to help her out because her biggest fear right now is that the show will be canceled,” a source close to Jenner says. “Caitlyn got paid, but for her that isn’t enough. She wants ratings gold and it is evident that if something drastic is done that this show will most likely not make it to its final episode.”

Although there is talk about a possible cancellation, no definitive plans have been made yet. “As of right now, there are no definitive plans to pull I Am Cait off of the air.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Nederlander]