October 19, 2016
WWE News: Kevin Owens Set To Win Back NXT Championship At 'WWE NXT: Brooklyn'?

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens came on fast in WWE. From moment one, he was used in a major way and was fast-tracked to WWE's main roster. While he was in WWE NXT, he was used quite well and was the show's top star. He showed this early on the main roster, but he is now sort of removed from this as he has been pushed down a peg. Many believe that Owens is ready to be a top star for WWE, but he has to earn it more, which is why he is on a PPV losing streak.

Kevin Owens is set to face NXT Champion Finn Balor at WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn a week from Saturday. Owens has worked a lot in New York, so the crowd will certainly love him. According to the Wrestling Observer, we may be getting a shock at Takeover. According to recent NXT Tapings that are set to air after Takeover, both Sasha Banks and Kevin Owens have NXT Championships.

Many people believe that this is WWE's attempt to throw people off, and Owens hasn't truly won anything. They don't want to make the winners obvious, which is understandable. However, if Owens didn't win the NXT Title, then why would be on a WWE NXT taping at all? On top of this, why would he even have the NXT Championship in his possession? Take a look below to see the picture from this week's tapings set to air in a few weeks.

NXT Owens title

Most believed that going into Takeover, Kevin Owens would simply get his entitled rematch but then head back to the main roster. He has already been called up, so the loss at Takeover would send him right back up and he would have no need to be on NXT.

This is making many question what WWE is planning. It is also possible that Finn Balor could head up to the main roster as rumored, which could be why Kevin Owens is taking the NXT Championship. NXT has lost Hideo Itami and Sami Zayn, two big stars for them. It makes sense to keep Owens down in NXT, but, of course, the only way he could is if he were to win the NXT Championship at Takeover. Otherwise, there is no point of having him in NXT at all.

Owens is set to face Cesaro at WWE SummerSlam, the night after Takeover. This all could very well be a tie-in to help promote NXT and give Owens something to do while he is in limbo on the main roster. He has done well with NXT and is a big reason for its success along with others. So this could be WWE's way of keeping NXT fresh until people like Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami come back, which is set to be at the end of the year.

[IMG Credit: Shannon Scinta Twitter, Rolling Stone]