Ben Affleck, His Nanny, And Now Tom Brady Too?

What sounds like the beginning of a bad joke is actually the way careers and reputations are unraveling for the A-list actor cavorting with the nanny as the ultimate cliche and the New England quarterback in the middle of the “deflate-gate” scandal.

Now add in Tom Brady’s super bowl rings and photos of the Affleck “nanny” wearing them in a photo on a private plane with Affleck and Brady. Things are getting harder to explain for Ben Affleck, and Tom Brady is now facing New England Patriots players calling him out for traveling while wearing FOUR super bowl rings.

According to Grantland, the woman at the middle of both scandals is Christin Ouzounian, the recently-fired nanny for the children of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Ouzounian was fired after allegations that she was having an affair with Affleck, unbeknownst to Garner. This begs the question as to why she was still traveling with Affleck, sans children, if she was relieved of her employment?

According to the Inquisitr, Affleck flew out to Las Vegas for a celebrity poker tournament on a private jet with Ouzounian, and along the way they picked up Tom Brady. While on the flight, Ouzounian took photos of herself trying on Brady’s super bowl rings, and posted the photos on Instagram.

Not only did the giant rings look out of place on a woman’s hand, but these photos now seem to be evidence of infidelity on the part of Affleck, and bad taste on the part of Brady, according to Page Six.

Other NFL players were a bit shocked that Brady parades around with all of that bling.

“I saw the picture and was like, ‘What the heck is he doing carrying around all his rings?'” former Giant Michael Strahan told The New York Post’s Dana Schuster.

The nicest word that can be used for this garish display is tacky.

Both Affleck and Brady at one time seemed to be the pride of Boston, but if this week is any indication, Bean Town might be in search of new heroes very soon.

Do you think Ben Affleck needs to come clean to his wife, Jennifer Garner?

[Photo courtesy of Angela Weiss/Getty Images]