Wisconsin K-9 Died In Patrol Car: Partner Finds Dog Unresponsive While On Duty At PGA Tournament

A Wisconsin K-9 died in a patrol car in the sweltering August heat while the animal and his partner were on duty at a PGA tournament.

The tragic incident took place in Brown County, Wisconsin. The K-9 — a 3-year-old named Wix — and his partner, Deputy Austin Lemberger, were working a special assignment at the PGA Championship in Sheboygan on Wednesday.

Lemberger left Wix in the patrol car with the air conditioning running, but, unfortunately, there was a malfunction and it stopped working at some point. An alarm installed in the vehicle should have alerted the deputy that the car was too hot for the Wisconsin K-9, but the system didn’t work.

In a media release posted to their Facebook page, the Brown County Sheriff’s office talked about how the Wisconsin K-9 died in the patrol car. The press release also states Wix was a dual patrol dog “trained in tracking and explosive detection.”

“The Brown County Sheriff’s Office sadly announces the passing of K-9 ‘Wix.’ On Wednesday, August 12, 2015, K-9 Wix and his partner Deputy Lemberger were on special assignment at the PGA Championship in Kohler, Wisconsin. Deputy Lemberger and Wix, who specialized in explosive detection, were contracted to assist with site security.

“Wix was placed in the squad car with the engine running and the air conditioning on. Deputy Lemberger conducted checks on Wix throughout the morning. At approximately 12:30pm, Deputy Lemberger found Wix non-responsive in the back of his squad car and the air conditioning unit was not functioning properly. Deputy Lemberger’s squad car is equipped with K-9 heat alarm which did not activate when the air conditioning unit failed.”

The Wisconsin K-9 who died in the patrol car was a 3-year-old male Malinois and had been with the force since April 2014, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Wix was a valuable member of this agency and community and will be sadly missed by all. Our thoughts are with Deputy Lemberger while he copes with the loss of his K-9 partner.”

The death of the Wisconsin K-9 has sparked outrage on social media, where people have left angry comments on the Brown County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and also on Twitter.

According to a report by Green Bay Press Gazette, the Wisconsin K-9’s death is at least the sixth such incident in the nation this summer.

[Image via Facebook]