Anderson Silva Suspended For One Year, Fined By The Nevada Athletic Commission

UFC middleweight fighter Anderson Silva has been suspended for one-year following a Thursday hearing held by the Nevada Athletic Commission, Bloody Elbow has confirmed. Silva was handed a suspension from the sport after he tested positive back in February prior to UFC 183 for both Drostanolone metabolites and Androsterone. In addition, Silva was also fined $380,000 and was stripped of his win against fighter Nick Diaz with the commission changing the fight to a no-contest. The 39-year-old is also required to reimburse the attorney general’s office expenses and pay for the costs of his drug testing.

During his hearing, Silva was said to have exhibited some bizarre behavior. The fighter pleaded the fifth through the use of a translator. Silva’s defense claimed that a sexual enhancement supplement was to blame for the positive tests in regards to the use of Drostanolone. Silva reportedly obtained the supplement through a friend from Thailand, Marcos Fernandes. The defense also had a weak argument when it came to the use of Androstane, stating that they believed it likely to be due to a contaminated substance.

“If someone is taking supplements for a different purpose and those supplements are contaminated with something on the banned list, that must be considered,” Silva’s attorney said during the hearing.

Silva also failed to answer several questions asked by the commission in a straight forward manner. At one point during the Thursday hearing, Silva was questioned about his decision not to disclose his use of the sexual enhancement supplements. The UFC champion referred to his use of the enhancement supplement as a personal matter he did not feel he needed to share.

According to Yahoo!, Commissioner Anthony Marnell spoke for the NCA as a whole, explaining their reason for suspending Silva for one-year.

“I don’t feel like we’re getting the whole story. I’m not gonna say it’s a lie, but we’re not getting the whole picture here. I’m not taking anything away from Mr. Silva’s career, but this is the first time he’s been subjected to this type of testing.”

Silva’s suspension will officially begin as of his last fight on January 31, 2015, making him eligible to return as early as February, 2016. Following his one-year suspension he is required to supply the commission with a clean drug test as a prerequisite for applying for a license after his suspension is fulfilled.

[Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images]