Man’s Penis Flushed Down Toilet After Lover’s Hubby Cuts It Off

A Japanese man’s penis is gone after it was reportedly chopped off by his lover’s husband after a violent altercation. ABC Action News reports that the 42-year-old victim is expected to survive the attack, but without his member, because it has not been retrieved.

The incident reportedly took place when the 24-year-old assailant forcefully entered the victim’s office. He allegedly punched the 42-year-old man repeatedly before yanking down his pants and using a pair of hedge clippers to chop off his penis. He then promptly flushed the man’s severed appendage down the toilet in his office bathroom. The Japan Times reports that the victim may have had a sexual affair with the other man’s wife. The assailant has been arrested, and he reportedly admits to his actions.

This is not the first time this type of dismemberment has made media headlines. In 2011 The Huffington Post reported that a Southern California woman cut off her husband’s penis using a 10-inch meat knife. Just this year, a Chinese woman severed her husband’s member — not once, but twice — after he supposedly cheated on her. She reportedly used a pair of scissors to commit the violent act. Last year, a member of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan cut off his own penis before attempting suicide. He failed at the latter, and now lives minus his member. One of the most high-profile cases in U.S. history involves John Wayne Bobbitt, and his former wife, Lorena Bobbitt. The woman reportedly chopped off part of the man’s penis and threw it out her car window into a field. She famously claimed to be a victim of marital rape and domestic violence.

There are also plenty of cases of penis dismemberment that have ended in the deaths of victims. One such case occurred in 2010. A 33-year-old man was violently murdered in Sweden before his penis was chopped off and then stuffed into his mouth. In 2007, a woman by the name of Brigitte Harris murdered her father after castrating him and then stuffing a towel into his mouth. She claimed that the man had habitually sexually assaulted her for years, but she did not intend to kill him. Earlier this year, a British man cut off his own penis and then killed himself during some sort of auto-erotic asphyxiation incident.

It’s fortunate that the victim in this latest case is expected to survive, but he will undoubtedly live with the memory of what happened for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, no reports have confirmed whether or not he truly slept with his attacker’s wife.