Oran John Spencer: Oklahoma Man Arrested For Trying To Teach His Horse To ‘Lead’ [Video]

Oran John Spencer, 36-years-old, of Oklahoma was arrested on charges of animal cruelty. An alert neighbor contacted Rogers County Sheriff’s Deputies when she saw what looked like a man dragging a horse behind his all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Deputies responded quickly.

When they reached Spencer’s home, they caught him in the act. He said he was “trying to teach his horse how to lead.” Major Coy Jenkins spoke with News 9.

“The horse was still tied to the ATV, and had several abrasions and was sweating profusely, which would indicate severe strain on a horses system.”

Spencer indicated in his statement to deputies that he didn’t realize the horse had fallen over. However, the witness reported a different story. At one point, Missy, the 14-year-old horse in question, broke free from the ATV. Spencer chased an obviously shaken horse down, and he tied her again to the back of the vehicle. The witness also stated this was not the only time she had witnessed Spencer abusing his animals.

Upon discovering Missy’s injuries, which included a pretty badly injured shoulder as well as numerous scrapes and bruises, investigators found another horse on the property with similar wounds that had healed. It was at this moment that Spencer was placed under arrest. Animal cruelty is considered a felony in Oklahoma, and the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department takes this very seriously, according to Major Jenkins.

“Rogers County Sheriff’s Office is very progressive, and unlike other sheriff’s offices, we have a particular unit that trains and handles these situations as they occur.”

Jenkins went on to give an update on the animals in question.

“As soon as the warrant was issued those horses were immediately turned over to a vet and taken to a rescue facility.”

If convicted of animal cruelty, John Spencer could face up to five years in prison, according to the Oklahoma Animal Cruelty Statutes. Spencer could also face a pretty stiff fine as well. He was released on Wednesday. There was a third horse on the property that police had to get a warrant to search for. They were expected to be back at Spencer’s land on Thursday.

Do you buy John Spencer’s story that he was just trying to train a horse to lead by pulling it with an ATV? Do you think he should spend the next five years behind bars? Feel free to tell us how you feel below.

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