‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Scoop: Callie And Arizona To Date Other People

We finally have some Grey’s Anatomy couple scoop for the upcoming Season 12. We can confidently say that Calzona fans are not going to be happy.

It was solidified last season that Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Chapshaw) are happier and more fulfilled people when they aren’t together. We saw with Arizona on a professional level when she got to work under Dr. Herman. For Callie it came from the joys of dating all over again after being out of the game. The character seemed to revel in the new excitement.

Now we’re learning that Arizona and Callie will both be dating this year — and as you can expect, it’s not each other. One surprising thing is that this couple will both find love with other women. Callie has always been bisexual, and the show has made that point by it being a huge issue in the Calzona relationship. It’s also been brought up when Callie decided to go out on a few dates with a former patient of hers last year.

According to TVLine, both characters will find romance with women.

In a conversation with Shonda Rhimes, Ausiello reports, “Callie and Arizona will be embarking on in Season 12. For starters, their new squeezes will not be characters we’ve met before. They’re going to both be dating women. I do want to honor the fact that Callie is bisexual, and we’ve established that she’s dated guys. But in terms of where she’s going now, she’s going to be dating a woman.”

As for another single gal on the show, it’s said that Meredith’s half-sister, Maggie, has found a home. As some of you Grey’s fans may know, Maggie will be living with Meredith and Meredith’s sister-in-law Amelia.

According to actress Kelly McCreary, “I can tell you straight up that Maggie has a home. Remember how we never saw last season where Maggie lives? Now she lives with Amelia and Meredith in Ellis’ house, which is super cool. There will definitely be some conflict, but of the hilarious variety as opposed to the sisters-pulling-each-other’s-hair-out variety. You can expect some ‘clashes of the titans’ going on.”

Additionally, Maggie’s love life will continue to be explored through Season 12. The character was only just tentatively starting to date again at the end of Season 11, so it’s nice to know that writers aren’t dropping that storyline.

Are you excited for the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy?

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