Perseid Meteor Shower Did Not Disappoint, See The Highlights [Video]

Tami Benedict

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaked last night, giving observers a great show with over 100 meteors flying through the sky per hour. Astronomers said that the meteor shower was extra special this year because of the position of the moon, making the night sky darker and easier to observe the meteor shower.

If you missed the amazing Perseid meteor shower on Wednesday night, don't worry. You can still see the amazing meteor shower on Thursday night but there will be less meteors visible and the moon will be brighter, making it a little more difficult to see, according to Vox.

The reason we can see the Perseid meteor shower every year is because Earth passes through the region of space the contains the debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet. The Swift-Tuttle comet nears the sun every 133 years and due to the heat, it causes it to vaporize and leaves behind a trail of dust and other small pieces of debris which is better known as the Perseid meteor shower, according to Sky & Telescope.

Star gazers took to Twitter last night to share their experiences while watching the Perseid meteor shower.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/ Getty Images]