Amy Schumer’s Connie Britton Parody From ‘Friday Night Lights’ Gets A Surprise Fan [Video]

Amy Schumer spoofed Connie Britton’s character from Friday Night Lights, and instead of drawing bitterness, it seems Britton “loved it.” In the sketch, the comedienne can be seen sporting a wine glass, just like Connie’s character, the football coach’s wife, Tami Taylor. She even pokes fun at the character’s drinking habit.

Those who have been following Amy Schumer know that she’s a big fan of wine, even bringing that fact into her latest movie, Trainwreck. In a way, the sketch even had the feminist activist poking fun at herself again.

That tendency Amy has of laughing at herself, whether in stand-up comedy routines, on her TV series, or on the big screen is one of many reasons even non-activists love her. It probably seemed natural for her to extend that habit to poking fun at another comedienne whose character is also a fan of the fermented grape juice. It’s about usual for an episode of Inside Amy Schumer.

In Amy Schumer’s Connie Britton sketch, we see her starting out with a small wine glass, holding it overhead while walking by a car. As the scenes progress, you see the glass getting bigger until in the end, the glass is so large she’s literally leaning on it. In one scene toward the end, we see Amy sloppily guzzling the wine from a glass bigger than her head, holding it with both hands.

On Late Night With Seth Meyers, the talk show host asked Connie Britton what she thought of Schumer’s parody of her character.

“I was so overwhelmed with tearful joy. I loved it so much, I thought that the whole scene was amazing, and I personally loved her rendition of Tami Taylor. I was very flattered and honored, particularly her use of the wine glass.”

Even though Inside Amy Schumer is still going strong, she hasn’t slowed down. She even made a public appearance alongside her senator cousin to oppose gun violence after the shooting, which happened at a screening of Trainwreck. Schumer isn’t fading any time soon, it seems.

What did you think of Amy Schumer’s Connie Britton parody on Inside Amy Schumer?

[Image via Comedy Central / YouTube]