‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For Episode 6: New Pairings Shake Up The Ladies

Week 3 of Bachelor in Paradise is here and there’s a lot of drama ahead. Several couples have started to build solid romances, but others are on shaky ground. Several new women showed up in Episode 5 airing on Sunday night, but what Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are available for Episode 6 airing on Monday, August 17?

As was reported previously by the Inquisitr, Megan Bell, Samantha Steffen, and Amber James, all from Chris Soules’ season, will show up in Mexico on Sunday’s episode. Viewers will watch as Samantha and Joe Bailey connect, Carly Waddell and Kirk DeWindt get a big date, and difficult conversations take place for Ashley Salter and Dan Cox. Juelia Kinney will be dealing with some difficult emotions as Joe’s dream girl, Samantha, shows up and shakes things up.

During Monday’s episode, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from ABC tease that Juelia will try to warn Samantha about Joe. Unfortunately, it seems that Samantha will quickly fill Joe in on everything Juelia said. Fans can expect that there will be a good amount of drama playing out in Week 3 related to Juelia, Joe, and Samantha.

How does it come out that Samantha and Joe already had some kind of relationship prior to heading to Mexico? The network’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Tanner will share the tidbit with Jared, and the two go on to confront the couple. Joe and Samantha will lie about it, and scramble to try to keep the truth under wraps.

Despite the awkward discussion between Ashley S. and Dan in Sunday’s show, throughout Monday’s episode, it seems she is still hoping things will work out between them. However, her hopes are dashed when good friend Amber shows up and asks Dan out herself. Ashley is said to be fairly despondent over this.

After Dan and Amber’s date comes an outing for Megan and JJ Lane. This date is said to involve a yacht and some dolphins. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note, however, that after the date, JJ will catch up on what’s happened with Joe, Juelia, and Samantha, and he becomes quite protective of Juelia. A big confrontation takes place between Joe and JJ.

From the sounds of things, fans will be left hanging once again on Monday’s episode. This strategy didn’t go over all that well with Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette this past spring, but ABC seems to be doing it again. Who will be left standing by the time this rose ceremony takes place?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Kirk’s rose goes to Carly, Joshua’s goes to Tenley, Dan’s goes to Amber, and Jared’s goes to Ashley I. Tanner naturally gives his rose to Jade, and Joe’s goes to Samantha. As for JJ’s rose, it seems that he’ll have a bit of a speech to give before he presents his rose.

Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that JJ will give his rose to Ashley S. However, he’ll also reveal that he’s got someone back home that he wants to explore a relationship with, so he’s leaving the show. He leaves, but the show reportedly brings back Mikey Tenerelli to take his place. The women eliminated, then, are Megan Bell and Clare Crawley.

Despite all of the drama, Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have detailed that there will be several happy couples left standing at the end of the season. Will lasting love be found this summer? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the chaos continues on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

[Image via ABC]