Bernie Sanders On Foreign Policy: Where Does He Stand On The Big Issues

Bernie Sanders has been a revelation for the far left of the Democratic Party. Sanders has gained a lot of traction among progressives due to his stance on domestic policies. Yet, despite his rapid political rise, the self-tiled democratic socialist has not delve deeper into foreign policy throughout his campaign.

In fact, on the Bernie Sanders’ website foreign policy is not listed. However, we can deduce from his voting history on foreign policy issues in the past.

Sanders’ campaign has refused to criticise rival Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State. Throughout his campaign, Bernie Sanders has since denounce the highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership while being completely supportive of the Iran deal.

Here are few key issues and Bernie Sanders’ stand on these issues.


Unlike many far-left liberals, Bernie Sanders endorsed the air strike efforts on ISIL, but the independent senator believes that it should not be a U.S. led effort.

“If the Middle East people perceive this is the United States versus ISIS, the West versus East, Christianity versus Islam, we’re going to lose that war. This is a war for the soul of Islam and the Muslim nations must be deeply involved.”


Bernie Sanders is a well-known supporter of a two-state solution and has in the past been very critical of both Israel and Palestine.
According to On The Issues, Bernie Sanders has shown a pro-Arab, pro-Palestine voting record.

“A two-state solution must include compromises from both sides to achieve a fair and lasting peace in the region. The Palestinians must fulfill their responsibilities to end terrorism against Israel and recognize Israel’s right to exist. In return, the Israelis must end their policy of targeted killings, prevent further Israeli settlements on Palestinian land and prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes, businesses and infrastructure.”

Free Trade
Bernie Sanders has voted against trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA and the TPP. He has also voted yes on withdrawing from the World Trade Organization.

Homeland Security

Bernie Sanders has been an advocate for ending the nuclear weapons and B-2 bomber production. He has also advocated for cutting the defense budget by $18 billion to pay for 55 percent of all college tuition. Sanders also voted no on removing need for FISA warrant to monitor US-to-foreign calls.

While Bernie Sanders has been a very vocal supporters of domestic policy, delving deeper into his voting history and statements in the past his views can be viewed as highly progressive. However, Sanders’ approach must not be viewed as a departure from the “Big Stick” diplomacy.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]