‘Captain America: Civil War’ Set Photos Reveal Black Panther, Possible Plot Details

Captain America: Civil War set photos have revealed a little more about what could be the most anticipated Marvel film to date. Rumors surrounding everything from Spider-Man’s first appearance and the possible death of Chris Evans’ Captain America have been popping up almost as much as Ultron’s robots in the last Avengers film.

The inclusion of Crossbones (Frank Grillo) may lend some weight to one of those rumors, based all the way back in the lengthy Civil War story arc. Being the one who shot Cap in the back, he could reveal himself to be an unexpected villain (if you hadn’t read the comics).

Spider-Man has also been confirmed, played by Tom Holland, which has some fans breathing a sigh of relief. Peter Parker played a big role in the Civil War, unmasking himself publicly at the request of Tony Stark, and endangering the lives of everyone he loved in the process.

The recently revealed Captain America: Civil War set photos have finally shed light on a character fans have also been waiting for. It’s been known that Chadwick Boseman will play Black Panther, but for the first time, we can actually see him in costume. If the costume doesn’t give him away, his signature cat-tooth necklace does, except this time it’s more of a pattern than an actual necklace made of teeth.

In a set of scenes leaked from the set, Black Panther is shown doing what appears to be a massive leap onto a building ledge. Then he is shown with a stunt double for Winter Soldier on the same ledge.

[The following may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen Ant-Man. If not, go see it. Ant-Man is a good movie, with mostly positive reviews.]

This tells us that the two are allies, and after what we saw in the end credits scene from Ant-Man, Cap and Winter Soldier have finally made amends. This means Black Panther will be on Cap’s side.

Are you excited to see Black Panther fight alongside Steve Rogers after the reveal of these Captain America: Civil War set photos?

[Image via Afritorial]