WWE Rumors: Who Was Behind Randy Orton Fat-Shaming Kevin Owens On ‘RAW’?

WWE has long been against bullying and even run a number of anti-bullying campaigns, but this past Monday, they kind of went against it. On Monday Night RAW, Randy Orton made a fat comment toward Kevin Owens, and many have made a big deal that Orton fat-shamed another person. Well, rumors are now coming out about who exactly was behind the comment.

During the segment on RAW, Orton came right out and asked Owens if he had put on a little weight lately. Owens had a bit of a flat look on his face and simply responded with “No.”

According to WrestleZone, this jab by Orton was deliberate and meant to get a point across to Kevin Owens. A number of people are said to still be down on Owens due to his physique, and they want him to lose a bit of weight.

This could be a huge reason that he got a so-called demotion from the main event scene. Owens started out on the WWE main roster in a huge feud with John Cena, but now he’s hoping to even make the SummerSlam card in a match against Cesaro.

The thing now is, who scripted the line to come from Randy Orton?

Well, Cageside Seats is reporting that that it wasn’t Vince McMahon or Kevin Dunn (Executive VP of Television Production) who fed Orton the line. With that being said, it would be interesting to know if it came from another member of the backstage brass, or Orton himself.

Everyone thought it came from Dunn, as there were reports last year that Dunn was trying to convince Vince McMahon that everyone in NXT would be a failure. Dunn has been known to bury anyone that is a threat to him, and that’s anyone in NXT succeeding, because Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are so behind the developmental talent.

Last year, Dunn was said to try and do everything he could to bury Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, and Paige.

Now, with word coming forth that it wasn’t Dunn or McMahon calling for the fat-shaming, then who could it have been? It likely wouldn’t be Triple H, as he was the one that signed Kevin Owens and brought him into NXT, and then onto the WWE main roster.

Samoa Joe has already shown that he has changed his physique upon entering WWE/NXT, and that didn’t happen with Kevin Owens. If the fat-shaming came from above or in the ring (Randy Orton) on RAW, then it’s interesting in itself that anyone in WWE allowed it.

[Image via WWE]