Caroline Manzo Dishes On Dina Reconciliation On ‘Manzo’d With Children’ Season 2

Caroline Manzo and her sister-in-law, Dina Manzo, were estranged for years, but now, the two former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars are back in contact. For the longest time, after fans were made privy to their joint holiday celebration, no one knew what led to Caroline Manzo and Dina’s reconciliation, but now, during a sneak peek at Manzo’d With Children Season 2, fans are learning how the women made amends.

“I think it was a crazy phone call from me that did it,” Caroline Manzo explains in a preview clip of Season 2, according to an August 13 report by E! News.

While chatting with Jacqueline Laurita during the sneak peek, Caroline Manzo was heard discussing the guest list for her daughter’s then-upcoming wedding (Lauren Manzo tied the knot last month). Among those expected to attend the ceremony were Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile, Rosie Pierri, and Caroline Manzo’s sister-in-law, Dina. According to Caroline Manzo, Dina’s daughter, Lexie, attended Lauren’s bridal party, and the family also got together for the holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Here’s the deal: My sister and I had a falling out. We didn’t speak for a couple of years,” Caroline Manzo said in her confessional.

Then, however, Dina sent a text message to Caroline Manzo, wanting to know why she was being so nasty. In response, Caroline Manzo suggested they meet up and talk about their issues in person.

“I didn’t tell a soul. We met for five and a half hours. From then on? Everything’s fine. She’s here for the holidays, she talks to my kids, Lexie’s in the bridal party and we could all go on living. Thank you very much… Life is too short, and that’s why for my three children I will do everything in my power to make sure they don’t hurt me the way my parents hurt, because I saw it first hand and it’s no way to live.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Caroline Manzo’s reality show is returning in just a few days, and during Season 2, the preparations surrounding Caroline Manzo’s daughter’s wedding will be seen, as will moments with Caroline Manzo’s two sons, Albie and Chris, who are branching out on their own after reportedly living with Caroline Manzo in recent months.

For more Caroline Manzo, tune into Manzo’d With Children Season 2 on Sunday nights at 10:30 p.m. on Bravo. The series’ premiere episode airs on August 16.

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